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The national airline, Singapore Airlines, revised its policy in accordance with the most recent Singapore Government directives and no longer requires general mask use on numerous routes. Singapore Airlines adhered to government regulations by strictly enforcing the mask requirement onboard all of its flights, like the majority of Asian airlines. […]

Singapore Airlines Eliminates the Need for a General Mask on ...

How to cancel Singapore Airlines flight ticket? You can cancel your Singapore airlines flight ticket via Manage booking by entering your flight itinerary number or reference number. *If you have booked through the travel agent, you should cancel your ticket with them only. You cannot do in Singapore airlines official […]

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What are the prohibited items from carriage as or in Checked Baggage? Lithium batteries and lithium battery mobile power packs (like Charger Pal) not for personal uses are strictly prohibited from carriage (during flight). Explosives Combustible & non-combustible Toxic & non-toxic gases, compressed gases Lighters and matches Oxidant and organic […]

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