Ariana Afghan Airlines Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage

The ticket shows your free baggage allowance. Allowances may be based on weight or pieces (number of bags)


Sector Class Adult Child
Frankfurt/Kabul/Frankfurt Business 40Kg 40Kg
Frankfurt/Kabul/Frankfurt Economy 30Kg 30Kg
Istanbul/Kabul/Istanbul Business 40Kg 30Kg
Istanbul/Kabul/Istanbul Economy 30Kg 30Kg
Moscow/Kabul/Moscow Business 40Kg 40Kg
Moscow/Kabul/Moscow Economy 30Kg 30Kg
Dubai/Kabul/Dubai Business 40Kg 40Kg
Dubai/Kabul/Dubai Economy 30Kg 30Kg
Delhi/Kabul/Delhi Business 40Kg 40Kg
Delhi/Kabul/Delhi Economy 30Kg 30Kg
Kuwait/Kabul/Kuwait Business  40Kg  40Kg
Kuwait/Kabul/Kuwait Economy  30Kg 30Kg
Jeddah/Kabul/Jeddah Business  40Kg 40Kg
Jeddah/Kabul/Jeddah Economy  30Kg 30Kg
Tehran/Kabul/Tehran Business  30Kg 30Kg
Tehran/Kabul/Tehran Economy  20Kg 30Kg
Urumqi/Kabul/Urumqi Business  30Kg 30Kg
Urumqi/Kabul/Urumqi Economy  20Kg 20Kg
Dushanbe/Kabul/Dushanbe Business 30Kg 30Kg
Dushanbe/Kabul/Dushanbe Economy 20Kg 20Kg


  • Ariana Afghan Airlines will not accept any single piece of baggage weighing more then 30 kgs.


Domestic Flights Baggage Allowance


Sector Class Adult Child
Kabul/Kandahar/Kabul Business 30Kg 30Kg
Kabul/Kandahar/Kabul Economy 20Kg 20Kg
Kabul/Heart/Kabul Business  30Kg 30Kg
Kabul/Heart/Kabul Economy  20Kg 20Kg


For more details visit : http://www.ariana

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