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El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. trading as El Al, is the flag carrier of Israel. Since its inaugural flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv in September 1948, the airline has grown to serve over 50 destinations, operating scheduled domestic and international services and cargo flights within Israel and to Europe, Middle East, Americas, Africa and the Far East from its main base in Ben Gurion Airport. El Al is the only commercial airline to equip its planes with missile defense systems, and is considered one of the world’s most secure airlines.

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One thought on “EL AL Airlines Baggage

  • Sneha Arora

    This is Sneha Arora, a resident of 37 Middlesex Circle, Waltham, Massachusetts 02452. I’m was travelling to India for 3 weeks from Boston Logan International Airport to Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on 14th July.
    The first leg of the flight was from Boston to Paris: Flight # AF0333
    The second flight was from Paris to Mumbai. Flight # AF0218 (which was cancelled)

    I was booked by Air France to another flight EL AL via Tel Aviv to my final destination Mumbai.
    Flight 1: From Paris to Tel Aviv, Flight No: LY 324 on 15th July,
    Flight 2: From Tel Aviv to Mumbai, Flight No: LY 071 on 15th July

    I reached Mumbai airport on 16th July at 8:30 am and found that my bag was missing. We reported to EL AL ground staff about it and gave all the details of the missing baggage. The receipt of the missing baggage which had all the details of my suitcase was handed to me at 9:30 am on 16th July. The reference number was BOMLY11985.My bag tags numbers are 0057AF 052032 and 0057AF 052039.
    I was told that I will receive my baggage by 19th or 20th July, but one of my bags which is blue colour arrived after 2 weeks which has a tag number of 0057AF 052039

    I’m in spoke to the Airfrance representative today for the baggage and was told that my baggage (original tag number 0057AF 052032) and they said that my baggage has arrived at the Boston airport on 31st July. The bag is at Boston airport for the last 13 days … And nobody contacted me …I got to know today from Air France that ELAL sent my bag from Tel-Aviv to Boston from flight LY15 with a new file number TLVLY19039.
    I have been following up with you for more than 2 weeks and nobody know anything !!! and no ELAL ground staff at the Boston airport picks up!!!
    I want a reply immediately before you put my bag in your warehouse!!!

    You can reach me on this number United States contact number is +13128778286 or through email.