International Electric Flights this Summer in Europe

Electric Plane on International Flights in Europe

International Passenger Flights on Electric Planes are Coming to Europe this Summer

Passengers can book and get a great offers to travel through Europe in International Electric Flights. Public can travel on electric flights between selected airports in Europe. All of the journeys are international, with airfields in three countries taking part. It’s a model of Pipistrel Velis Electro plane in dimension and passengers will also have to provide their body weight ahead of departure. It claims to be the first to transport passengers across borders by electric plane.

Features of Electric Planes

  1. Few caveats
  2. Small two-seater aircraft (one for pilot)

When the bookings starts?

  • July 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024

What is the ticket cost?

The price is based on a cost-sharing model, where flights operate between private individuals. The cost of the specific flight pooled between the pilot and the passenger.

  • One way Trip – €120 ($129)
  • Round Trip – €160 ($171)

Which airport has Electric Plane?

  • Belgium: Liège Airport
  • Netherlands: Maastricht Aachen Airport
  • Germany: Aachen-Merzbrück Airport

What will be the Flight duration?

  • Range from 16 to 26 minutes. Within the Electrifly app, you can choose if you want to depart in the morning, afternoon or evening.

How long can the airplane stay in the air?

The Pipistrel Velis Electro can fly for 64 minutes, including take off and landing. The flight time from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Würselen Aachen Airport is 16 minutes, the flight time from Maastricht Aachen Airport to Liège Airport is 18 minutes and the flight time from Würselen Aachen Airport to Liège Airport is 26 minutes.

Can i take any baggage with me?

  • No luggage taken onboard

What should be the weight allowed?

  • The pilot and passenger cannot weigh more than a total of 178 kilograms (392 lbs).

What information collected to passengers during booking?

The following data is collected during your booking on Electrifly app:
– Full name
– Email adress
– Document number
– Phone number
– Weight

If you upload a user photo the following data will be stored as well:
– Photo

Please be aware that data like location and time stored inside a photo from your gallery. This is only optional and does not impact the functionality in any way. It not shared with any third party.

What will my data be used for?

  • All stored data permanently deleted after 01.09.2024.
  • Note: Data used only to process your booking and not shared with any third party.

Who supports the Electric Plane?

The Electrifly collaboration partners also include the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, aviation operator ASL Group and Chinese electric car company NIO. The goal is to present a vision of the future of so-called ‘eAviation’. The passengers will be able to connect between European hubs using low or zero-emission electric aircraft. Passengers within a 15-kilometer (9.3-mile) radius of the airport collected and transferred to the aircraft by a fleet of electric cars.

What is cost-sharing?

  • Cost-sharing flights are private flights where the costs of the specific flight are shared between the pilot and others onboard the aircraft.

How to contact Electrifly?

Press: Mark Maas, Maastricht Aachen Airport +31611210493 / +31-43-3589822

Email: [email protected]

Electric Flights in Europe

Can i cancel my reservation?

  • You can cancel your reservation by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with your address, full name and passport number.

Did the pilots certified to fly the aircraft?

  • Yes, all pilots participating this project are certified to fly the Pipistrel Velis Electro.
  • Trained by ASL Academy and Westflug Aachen.

Rules for Passengers before travel

  • No smoking
  • Don’t touch the instruments and controls (lead to an accident)
  • Passengers shall not speak when the pilot is using the radio and during take-off and landing
  • Don’t touch the door lock
  • Passengers should refrain from using psychoactive substances, including alcohol before or during flying.

Pick-up Area

When opting for electric ground transport with NIO, your pick-up and drop-off point must be within any of the three circles or areas marked in colour here under.

Note: your booking reviewed and confirmed by Electrifly via e-mail.

Pick-up time: After your booking reviewed by Electrifly, you will receive an e-mail regarding the confirmation and planning of your trip.

Electrifly (Electric Plane) Pick-up & Drop-off in Europe

Bookings through Mobile Apps

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