Japan Airlines Excess Baggage

aircraft types

maximum length

773 Boeing 777-300 400cm
772 Boeing 777-200
787 Boeing 787-8 300cm
767 Boeing 767
738 Boeing 737-800 320cm
734 Boeing 737-400
E70 EMBRAER 170 250cm
DH4 Bombardier DHC8-Q400 220cm
DH3 Bombardier DHC8-Q300 190cm
DH1 Bombardier DHC8-Q100
CRJ Bombardier CRJ200 205cm
SF3 SAAB340B 200cm

For more details visit : https://www.jal.com//english/Baggage/Baggage-Information

Japan Airlines Hand|Cabin Baggage

Japan Airlines Checked Baggage

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