Kuwait International Airport (KWI) Kuwait Contact details 7

Kuwait Airport Call Centre

Dir: 24319829
Tel: 161 – ext: 1521

Lost Baggage

Dir: 24744256 – 24710683

Fax: 24744396

Visa  services: http://www.dgca.gov.kw/en/travellers/traveller-information/arrival-procedures/visa-services

Luggage Services: http://www.dgca.gov.kw/en/travellers/traveller-information/arrival-procedures/luggage

Kuwait International Airport Code: KWI


View Location of Kuwait Airport: http://www.dgca.gov.kw/en/travellers/to-and-from-the-airport/location-map/location-map

Lost & Foundhttp://www.dgca.gov.kw/en/travellers/facility-and-services/lost-found


Kuwait International Airport is located in Farwaniya, Kuwait, 15.5 kilometers south of Kuwait City, spread over an area of 37.7 square kilometres.  It serves as hub for Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways. A portion of the airport complex is designated as Al Mubarak Air Base, which contains the headquarters of the Kuwait Air Force, as well as the Kuwait Air Force Museum.


Facilities at  Kuwait International Airport (KWI)

Kuwait is a unique facility offering unsurpassed level of comfort and convenience for First and Business class travelers as well as other passengers who wish to pay and use the lounge. Serviced round the clock by professional and courteous agents, the ambience and facilities ensure a quiet and luxurious relaxing environment for passengers as they wait for their flights


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7 thoughts on “Kuwait International Airport (KWI) Kuwait Contact details

  • Shwan Rasheid

    I am writing with regards to a disturbing incident that happened to me last Thursday (26/7).

    I was taking a flight from Kuwait to London on BA. I passed security as is normal in every country and once inside the terminal, I proceeded to get a few items including a bottle of water and a bottle of juice costing 1.250 Kuwaiti Dinars. Unbeknown to me, as I went to board my flight, there was a second layer of security just before the plane and they confiscated my drinks. I consider it unacceptable that something I get after security can get confiscated and what is worse is that no one at the airport warned me that I cannot take my drinks aboard the flight. G4S who were running the second security told me to get a refund from BA whilst BA are telling me its a matter for the airport who employs G4S.

    As such, I am writing to receive a refund for the confiscated items as this is just unacceptable.

    Shwan Rasheid


    Dear sir,
    Tonight while travelling through Kuwait airport I misplaced my trolley bag in the airport.
    It could be either in front of Qatar Air transfer desk or in “Perl desert” lounge. I have requested ground staff of Qatar air in Kuwait to check about this bag. They informed me that it is not in “Perl desert” lounge. When I requested them to re verify they asked me to reported to lost and found section in Qatar.

    The trolley bag is in black color, made of cloth, medium size and brand is “Diesel”.
    Tonight I shall return to BAH through Kuwait airport once again. Kindly search this bag if you find it kindly transfer it to Qatar Air transfer desk. I shall collect it from there.


  • Pari

    My Parents Narayana Setty and Ratna have travelled to Bangalore from ‘London to Bangalore’ through Kuwait Airways 104 and Kuwait Airways 353 on Sunday 10th November from Kuwait City airport and have forgotten to collect their HUAWEII phone at security checks in Kuwait airport. Could you please check if the phone is there in “Lost and Found”?. I will be very grateful if this phone is found as it is very important and has lots of memories and very important information.

    Can someone please acknowledge this post?

  • özkan

    Greetings from Tailwind airlines,

    Could you please provide us with your handling prices at the GRV airport ?

    -Our fleet consists of B737-400s (168 seats each)
    -Our flights will be touristic charter
    -MTOW: 143,500LBS/65,227KGS
    -Noise margin, 8.58 EPNDB (ICAO Annex 16, Vol I, Part II, Chapter3)

    Thanks for your help

    Kind regards
    Özkan ŞEKER

  • lisa

    when are the airport will be open?? this is not right that you have all people from other nationalities trapped there without been able to leave to their countries as FREE PEOPLE but yet you have Kuwaitis going or flying back to kuwait from other countries. this is not acceptable. I understand the coronavirus crisis but people have the right under humans right to be back into their countries. My family is trapped there in kuwait and they are americans not been able to return but yet kuwaitis can leave the united states to kuwait. not fair simple. OPEN THE AIRPORTS INMEDIATELY! this is unfair to everyone.

  • Eric Layden

    I am President of Global Travel Investments, Manchester. We have Air Service Development event, WORLD Airline taking place in London, 29 June- 01 July, 2021. I would like to send you details. May I have email and contyact with Airport Directors or CEO. Eric T. Layden