Lufthansa lists plane seats on Airbnb

As Airbnb redefines the way we holiday, one airline has decided to take the unusual step of selling its seats on the accommodation website.
German carrier Lufthansa has listed a ‘cabin in the sky’ travelling from Frankfurt to New York return for €699 (£585) available to users of the home rental site.
The listing is almost €200 (£168) cheaper than tickets for flights advertised on the airline’s own website.

Lufthansa Airline listing on Airbnb

The airline’s entry on the popular rentals website reads: ‘Luxury awaits above the clouds.
‘Our cabin isn’t in the woods, but in the sky!’

‘Personal food and beverage service at 910 km/h’
In the Lufthansa premium economy seat from Frankfurt to New York, the multimedia entertainment is included and Wi-Fi is available.
There are four bathrooms available for the customer to use, who will have a ‘sofa’ type bed for their comfort.
In the ‘property type’ section is the surprising entry of ‘plane’.

Continuing to outline their terms in the style of other accommodation on the site, the airline host reminds prospective guests that smoking is not permitted and the customer will not be allowed pets or to have a party.

Safety features include a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, first aid kit, a safety card and a fire extinguisher.
A spokesperson for Lufthansa said: ‘We started a campaign on Airbnb offering premium economy flights from Frankfurt to New York for €699.

‘While the booking is carried out via Lufthansa’s call centre, the payment transaction is processed via Airbnb. After 48 hours, our social media channels already had 600,000 impressions related to this offer.’
And a spokesperson for Airbnb added: ‘This is the first time that Lufthansa has listed with Airbnb.

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