Melbourne International Airport (MEL) Australia Contact Details

Melbourne Airport Call Centre

Telephone: +61 3 9297 1600

Fax: +61 3 9297 1886

Melbourne International Airport: MEL


Location & Found:

Melbourne Airport, colloquially known as the Tulla marine airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia

Facilities At Melbourne Airport (MEL)

Melbourne Airport is located approximately 25 km north-west of the Melbourne’s CBD on the Tulla marine Freeway – less than 25 minutes by car.To access Melbourne Airport via the Tulla marine Freeway, you may be required to obtain a City Link pass. Passengers can also choose to travel toll-free to Melbourne Airport via the Western Ring Road. Telephones are located throughout T1, T2 and T3. Machines accept coins and phone cards, and some also accept credit cards.

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