Robots to be deployed at Dubai airport for facial security check

Dubai Airport has already been home to tech-based installations that enlace its security levels. This time, the officials have planned to take the security check to next levels by deploying robots at the airport. These robots, equipped with face detection scanner will hunt for “most wanted” and suspicious people and inform the authorities.

Technology behind robot at Dubai Airport

The robot at the Dubai Airport will have a face detection scanner, linked to the Interpol. This will enable the robot to identify if the traveler is amongst the “wanted criminals”. But this robot is a quite a social one! It is programmed to greet the travelers that appear to offer no threat.

The robot is all set to catch hold of suspicious people with the pilot phase study been completed. Travelers might find this at the arrival section of the airport soon. Khalid Al Zarooni, the innovation specialist at Dubai Custom’s Innovation Centre believes it to be one of their “best innovations”, once implemented.

In his recent conversation with Khaleej Times at the Arab Innovation Forum., the innovation specialist introduced the technological aspect of this robot. The innovation is based on the android technology whose “brain” is installed with facial recognition, X-ray scanning, and thermal vision. The robotic assembly simply collects the composite information from these features, compiles it and implements it for threat assessment. On receiving a suspicious report, it alerts the control room.

“This is an android. It still hasn’t been implemented fully, but it has gone through a piloting phase around the airports. It’s probably going to be our best innovation when it gets implemented in full. The brain in the android has so many features and tools connected to it, such as facial recognition, X-ray scanning, and thermal vision. What it does is that it gathers data from these features and compiles it into a threat assessment and then it gives alerts to the control room.” – Khalid Al Zarooni.

Dubai Airport- the hub of innovations

The robot was one amongst the 10 best innovations, displayed at the Arab innovation Forum by the Dubai Customs. Dubai Airport has been awarded prizes and has always been a home to innovations. Other innovations include a smart vehicle for people with special needs, a mobile inspector, smart container inspection system, and a risk engine and so on. These tech invasions altogether ensure a complete security check at the Dubai Airport right from luggage inspection to human face recognition for any threats.


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