Turkish Airlines Free Baggage allowance in International flights 9

Travel Class Total Maximum Weight
Business 30 kg
Economy 20 kg
Infant (0-2 years old) 10 kg + 1 collapsible baby carriage / buggy (115 cm)

Flights travelling From / To

To/from Economy class travellers baggage allowance Business class travellers baggage allowance
From Egypt to Turkey and from Turkey to Egypt 50 kg 50 kg
From Germany to Turkey and beyond Turkey 30 kg 40 kg
From Ireland 30 kg 40 kg
Originating in Ireland and Switzerland (first flight of the journey is from Ireland and Switzerland) 30 kg 40 kg
Flights originating in Israel (first flight of the journey is from Israel) 20 kg 30 kg
From Edinburgh (first flight of the journey is from Edinburg) to Asia, Middle East and Africa 40 kg 50 kg
Flights with final destinations of Brazil/Argentina 23 kg 32 kg
To/from Brazil and Argentina (the first flight of the journey on the ticket) 2 pieces of luggage 2 pieces of luggage
From Brazil/Argentina 32 kg 32 kg
From SAO  to SIN, KUL, CGK, BKK, MLE 2 pieces of luggage(each piece 32 kg) 2 pieces of luggage(each piece 32 kg)

Niamey (NIM) outbound flights to dubai (DXB)

2 pieces of luggage(each piece 32 kg) 2 pieces of luggage(each piece 32 kg)

Turkish Airlines Free Baggage Allowance for Flights To or From America / S. America / Canada / Argentina / Colombia / Panama / Cuba / Venezuela / Nigeria / Ghana / Niger / Senegal / Mauritania / Cote D Ivoire / Cameroon / Burkina Faso / Gabon / Chad and Congo Dem. Rep./Benin Peoples Republic / Mali / Guinea/ Sudan /Angola / Mauritius / Madagascar / Seychelles

Travel Class Maximum Pieces Maximum Weight Per Piece Maximum Dimensions Per Piece
Business 2 32 kg 158 cm
Economy 2 23 kg 158 cm
Infant Passenger 1 + 1 collapsible baby carriage / buggy 23 kg 115 cm
(0-2 years old)


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9 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines Free Baggage allowance in International flights

  • Ngai Ka ying

    Can I buy one more baggage around 20kg and how much does it cost ?
    for the flight from lux to Hong Kong ;the flight number is TK1356 and TK70 in 20/08/2018 4:40pm
    Thank you !

  • shibu kurian

    My son is studding in Poland, he is traveling from Dammam to Warsaw by Turkish airlines, what is his baggage allowance, is there any special baggage allowance for student.

  • Abdelaif Abdelmola

    Subject : Changing flights from Turkish airlines to Libyan wings and inquiry about Luggage Transfer
    I am a Libyan citizen, I will travel from Doha,Qatar to Istanbul on Turkish airlines then from Istanbul to Tripoli,Libya on Libyan Winges Airlines 7 hours later.
    I would like to ask if my luggage can be transferred to libyan Wings Airlines and receive them in Tripoli ?
    I have No Turkish Visa ..

    Thankx in Advance .

  • Farhad

    Hello, I and my wife would like to travel around end July on business class with Turkish Airline, from IAD to IKA via Istanbul. In addition to 4 pieces, 32 kg each, that we can check in, how much it costs to check in one extra piece, up to 30 kg? In addition, can I fright my books that are too heavy to carry with myself on the flight?

  • Kreshnee Butchala Appiah

    dear friends,

    I would like to know the cost of the 3+ excess luggage from Israel to Mauritius. In the policy of Turkish Airlines it mentions the price of the excess luggage will be $230. i will also have a transition in turkey before the final destination. so I would like to confirm the amount that it will charge at the airport or if there is a way that i can purchase the excess baggage beforehand.

    looking forward to some clarifications.
    thank you

  • Mehmet Senar

    Is there any Direct flight to Mauritius?. When is the first Turkish Airlines going to Mauritius?. And me and my wife Disable 75 year old couple, do we get free extra baggage?. And wheelchair to take us to the flight?. Can you please let us know.