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Tunisair or Societe Tunisienne de l’Air, is the flag carrier airline of Tunisia. Formed in 1948, it operates scheduled international services to European, African and Middle Eastern destinations. Its main base is Tunis-Carthage International Airport. The airline’s head office is in Tunis, near Tunis Airport. Tunisair is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

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List of Tunisair Airlines Offices:

Tunisair Airline: AO – Airport | AGO – Agent Office | CO – City | CGO – Cargo | MO – Membership | RO Reservation | TO Ticketing | LFO Last and Found

Algeria, Algiers (RO)Algeria, Constantine (RO)Algeria, Oran (AO)Algeria, Algiers (AO)Algeria, Constantine (AO)Austria, Vienna (RO)Belgium, Brussels (RO)Belgium, Brussels Airport (AO)Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou (RO)Canada, Montreal (AGO)Cote d’Ivoire, AbidjanEgypt, Cairo (RO)Egypt, Cairo (AO)France, Marseille (RO)France, Toulouse (RO)France, Toulouse (AGO)France, Paris (AGO)France, Lyon (AGO)France, Marseille (AO)France, Nice (AO)France, Paris (AO)France, Lyon (AO)Germany, MunichGermany, DusseldorfGermany, FrankfurtGermany, Frankfurt (AO)Germany, Frankfurt (TO)Guinea, Conakry (AGO)Italy, Rome (AGO)Italy, Milan (AGO)Italy, Venice (AGO)Italy, Milan (AGO)Italy, Rome (AO)Italy, Milan (AO)Italy, Venice (AO)Italy, Milan (AO)Lebanon, BeirutLebanon, Beirut (AO)Libya, Tripoli, Haiti streetLibya, TripoliLibya, BenghaziMali, BamakoMauritania, NouakchottMorocco, Casablanca (RO)Morocco, Casablanca (AO)Netherlands, AmsterdamNetherlands, Amsterdam (AO)Niger, NiameyPortugal, LisbonSaudi Arabia, JeddahSaudi Arabia, Jeddah (AO)Senegal, DakarSerbia, BelgradeSpain, BarcelonaSpain, MadridSpain, MadridSwitzerland, GenevaSwitzerland, GenevaSwitzerland, ZurichSwitzerland, ZurichSwitzerland, Geneva, Cointrin AirportTunisia, Tunis CarthageTunisia, Tunis, NabeulTunisia, Tunis, BourguibaTunisia, Tunis Carthage AirportTunisia, Tunis, BourgelTunisia, Tunis (AGO)Tunisia, Tunis (RO)Tunisia, Tunis (AGO)Tunisia, Tunis, Bourguiba (AO)Tunisia, TunisTunisia, Tunis (RO)Tunisia, Tunis (TO)Tunisia, BizerteTunisia, TabarkaTunisia, SfaxTunisia (CGO)Tunisia, MonastirTunisia, Gafsa (AO)Tunisia, TozeurTunisia, DjerbaTunisia, Djerba (AO)Turkey, IstanbulUK, LondonUK, London (AO)Tunisia

Algeria – Algiers France – Lyon Italy – Venice Senegal – Dakar Tunisia – Tunis (Agent Office)
Algeria – Constantine France – Marseille (Airport Office) Italy – Milan (Airport Office)  Serbia – Belgrade Tunisia – Bourguiba, Tunis (Airport Office)
Algeria – Oran France – Nice Lebanon – Beirut Spain – Barcelona Tunisia – Tunis La Kasbah Agency
Algeria – Algiers (Airport Office) France – Paris (Airport Office) Lebanon – Beirut (Airport Office) Spain – Madrid Tunisia – Tunis La Marsa Agency
Algeria – Constantine France – Lyon Libya – Haiti street, Tripoli Spain – Madrid Barajas (T1) Tunisia – Tunis El Menzah Agency
Austria – Vienna Germany – Munich Libya – Tripoli Switzerland – Geneva Tunisia – Bizerte
Belgium – Brussels Germany – Dusseldorf Libya – Benghazi Switzerland – Geneva Airport Tunisia – Tabarka
Belgium – Brussels Airport Germany – Frankfurt Mali – Bamako Switzerland – Zurich Terminal 2 Airport Tunisia – Sfax
Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou Germany – Frankfurt (Airport Office) Mauritania – Nouakchott Switzerland – Zurich Tunisia Cargo Office
Canada – Montreal Germany – Frankfurt (Ticket Office) Morocco – Casablanca Switzerland – Cointrin Airport, Geneva Tunisia – Monastir
Cote d’Ivoire – Abidjan Guinea – Conakry Morocco – Casablanca (Airport Office) Tunisia – Tunis Carthage Tunisia – Gafsa
Egypt – Cairo Italy – Rome Netherlands – Amsterdam Tunisia – Nabeul, Tunis Tunisia – Tozeur
Egypt – Cairo (Airport Office) Italy – Milan Netherlands – Amsterdam (Airport Office) Tunisia – Bourguiba, Tunis Tunisia – Djerba
France – Marseille Italy – Venice Niger – Niamey Tunisia – Tunis Carthage Airport Tunisia – Djerba (Airport office)
France – Toulouse Italy – Milan  Portugal – Lisbon Tunisia – Bourgel, Tunis Turkey – Istanbul
France – Toulouse (Agent Office)  Italy – Rome (Airport Office) Saudi Arabia – Jeddah Tunisia – Tunis Main Agency UK – London
France – Paris  Italy – Milan Saudi Arabia – Jeddah (Airport Office) Tunisia – Tunis UK – London (Airport office)

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