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Tunisair or Societe Tunisienne de l’Air, is the flag carrier airline of Tunisia. Formed in 1948, it operates scheduled international services to European, African and Middle Eastern destinations. Its main base is Tunis-Carthage International Airport. The airline’s head office is in Tunis, near Tunis Airport. Tunisair is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

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CountryCityAddressEmailoffice type
AlgeriaAlgiers6 rue Abdelkarim Khatabi Algiers 16000 AlgeriaTunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
AlgeriaConstantine6 rue Abdelkarim Khatabi Algiers 16000 AlgeriaTunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
AlgeriaOranAirport Essenia-OranTunisair (Airline) Airport Office
AlgeriaAlgiersHouari Boumediene Airport (16 Kms from Algiers)[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
AlgeriaConstantineHouari Boumediene Airport (16 Kms from Algiers)[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
AustriaViennaAdministration, Agency and Reservation: Opernring 7 / 15Vienne 1010 - Austria[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
BelgiumBrusselsAvenue Louise n 182 1050 - Brussels Belgium[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
BelgiumBrussels AirportStopover & Freight at Brussels Airport-Zaventem[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
Burkina FasoOuagadougouDR KWAME N AVENUE KRUMAH
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
CanadaMontreal1411 PEEL Street, Suite 400
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1S5
[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Booking Office
Cote d'IvoireAbidjanGalerie Residence Nabil Plateau, Rue du Commerce [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
EgyptCairo14, Avenue Talaat Harb - 11776[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
EgyptCairoCairo International Airport - Terminal 1Tunisair (Airline) Airport office
FranceMarseilleRepresentation / Administration The Grand Prado 15 Allee Turcat-Mery 13008 Marseille[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
FranceToulouseRepresentation 76, allee Jean Jaures 31000 Toulouse[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
FranceToulouse Representation 76, allee Jean Jaures 31000 Toulouse[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
FranceParis Direction / Agency: 15 Av de FriedlandTunisair (Airline) Agent Office
FranceLyon33 Quai St Antoine 69002 Lyon[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
FranceMarseilleMarseille Provence Airport[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
FranceNiceNice Cote d'Azur Airport - Terminal II- 06281 NICE Cedex 3[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
FranceParis Airport Orly Sud (14km)Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
FranceLyonBP St. Exupery Airport: 104 69125Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
GermanyMunichSchwanthalerstrabe 5
80336 Munchen
[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
GermanyDusseldorfBerliner Allee 47, 40212 Dusseldorf[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
GermanyFrankfurtKaiserstrabe 44, 60329 Frankfurt / Main[email protected] Tunisair (Airline) Office
GermanyFrankfurtBP Airport: 23, 60549 Frankfurt / Main[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
GermanyFrankfurtTicket Counter: Terminal 1, Hall C, Counter 727.5Tunisair (Airline) Ticket Office
GuineaConakryAvenue of the Republic - Building Ex Air Guinea - BP 5722 Conakry.[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
ItalyRomeRepresentation and Agency Via Piemonte 39 - 00187 Rome[email protected], [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
ItalyMilanRepresentation for the North of Italy and agency Via Baracchini 9 - 20123 Milan[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
ItalyVeniceRepresentation for the North of Italy and agency Via Baracchini 9 - 20123 Milan[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
ItalyMilan Representation pour le nord de l'Italie et agence Via Baracchini 9 - 20123 Milan[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
ItalyRomeDa Vinci Fiumicino Airport[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
ItalyMilanAirport Malpensa 2000[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
Italy VeniceAirport Malpensa 2000[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
ItalyMilan Airport Malpensa 2000[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
LebanonBeirutRiadh Elsolh Square imm. Chaker El Oueini BP. 1531 Beirut, Lebanon[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
LebanonBeirutAirport OfficeTunisair (Airline) Airport office
LibyaHaiti street, TripoliHaiti 6 Agency, Haiti Street[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
LibyaTripoliRepresentation 59, Av. Of 1 September, lmm.El Badri, App. N 7, 3rd floor, Tripoli[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
LibyaBenghaziAv. Jamel Abdennaceur Benghazi. Libya Hotel Tibesti N 5Tunisair (Airline) Office
MaliBamakoHotel complex of Friendship Bozola BP, E2240 Bamako Mali[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
MauritaniaNouakchottAgency and Booking / Representation N 27 Imm. JAWDA, Av. JF Kennedy Islet M78 - BP. 5359 Nouakchott[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
MoroccoCasablancaRepresentation / Agency City and Reservation Center Allal Ben Abdallah - Angle Street Allal Ben Abdallah and Mohamed El Fakir Street 7th Floor Casablanca 20,000[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Booking | Reservation Office
MoroccoCasablancaMohamed V Airport (35 Kms)[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
NetherlandsAmsterdamGSA "APG Air Agencies Holland"
Flamingoweg 9 - room 280
1118 EE Schiphol
[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
Ticketdesk Airport Agency, departure hall 3 opposite checkin row 22
Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
NigerNiameyQuartier Terminus, Avenue du Grand Hotel
Building N22 Niamey Niger
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Office
PortugalLisbonAEROPORTO OF LISBOA Rua C - Edif. 124 - Piso 0 - Gab. 1A 1700-008 Lisboa - Portugal[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
Saudi ArabiaJeddahGeneral Representation:
Adham Commercial Center Medina PO Box 1240 Jeddah 21431
[email protected], [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
Saudi ArabiaJeddahKing Abdulaziz International Airport (North Terminal)[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport office
Senegal DakarTunisair Representation & Agency
100 Rue Carnot
Tunisair (Airline) Office
SerbiaBelgradeNusiceva 8 Belgrade 11000, Serbia[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Office
SpainBarcelonaAeropuerto de El Prat - Terminal 1 (T1) Dique Norte - Box 213
08820 El Prat de Llobregat
Barcelona - España
[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Office
SpainMadridDirection: Los Mostenses Plaza 13 Edificio Parking, 1a planta 28015 Madrid Spain[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
SpainMadridStopover: Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas (T1)Tunisair (Airline) Office
SwitzerlandGenevaWorld Trade Center 1 - Airport Road 10 - PO Box 805 - 1215 Geneva [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
SwitzerlandGenevaGeneva Agency: Geneva Airport.[email protected], [email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Office
SwitzerlandZurichZurich Stopover: Zurich Terminal 2 Airport BP 2532 CH-8060 Zurich[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
SwitzerlandZurichZurich Agency: Agency & Booking[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
SwitzerlandCointrin Airport, GenevaCointrin Airport, 1215 Geneva[email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaTunis CarthageTunisair Headquarters Agency: CHARGUIA 2 2035 Tunis Carthage[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaNabeul, Tunis178, Av. Habib Bourguiba 8000 Nabeul[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaBourguiba, TunisAgence : 5 Av Habib Bourguiba[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaTunis Carthage AirportTunis Carthage Airport[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaBourgel, TunisBSP Office, Tunisia Center Misk Block B,
3rd Floor App 31 21 082,
Bourgel Ennassim
[email protected], [email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaTunisMain Agency: 19, Rue Houcine Bouzaiene[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Booking Office
Tunisia Tunis General Delegation: 138, Av of Freedom[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent | Reservation Office
TunisiaTunisFreedom Agency: 113 Av. Of Liberty[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Agent Office
TunisiaBourguiba, TunisAirport: Habib Bourguiba[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport office
TunisiaTunisLa Kasbah Agency[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Booking Office
TunisiaTunisLa Marsa Agency[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Reservation Office
TunisiaTunisEl Menzah Agency[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Ticket Office
TunisiaBizerte76 Av. Habib Bourguiba Bizerte[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaTabarka[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaSfaxAgence : 4, Avenue de l'armée 3000 Sfax[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
Tunisia TUNISAIR- FRET 2035 AEROGARE FRET TUNIS CARTHAGE[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Cargo Office
TunisiaMonastirTunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaGafsaAirport: Gafsa Ksar[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
TunisiaTozeurAgency: Farhat Hached Nefta 2200 - Tozeur[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaDjerbaAvenue Habib Bourguiba Houmt Souk[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
TunisiaDjerbaDjerba Zarzis Airport[email protected], Fidelys email: [email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office
TurkeyIstanbulValikonagi Cad Bizim Apt 8/1 Nisantasi Istanbul[email protected]
[email protected]
stop @ tunisairturquie.com
Tunisair (Airline) Office
UKLondonRepresentation: 5 harbor exchange E14 9GE[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Office
UKLondonAirport Heathrow Terminal 4 Pod 2, TW6 3XA[email protected]Tunisair (Airline) Airport Office