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ZIPAIR Carry-on | Checked | Sports Equipment Baggage Allowance, Weight

Carry-on Baggage on ZIPAIR

Additional fees for baggage paid online (via our desktop or mobile site) or via our contact center. Passengers can bring two items free of charge into the aircraft.

  • Carry-on baggage size limit: 40×25×55 cm (First item), 35×25×45 cm (Second item)
  • Carry-on baggage weight: 7kg

ZIPAIR Carry-on baggage

Carry-on Additional baggage allowance

  • Additional carry-on baggage weight: 15kg

Baggage must purchased 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure. No Payments for carry-on baggage surcharges on the day of departure. if the weight exceeds the limit, please place some items in your checked baggage.

Additional fees for carry-on baggage weight

Narita – Seoul 2,000 yen
Seoul – Narita 19,050 won
Narita – Manila 3,000 yen
Manila – Narita 23 US dollars
Narita – Bangkok 3,000 yen
Bangkok – Narita 760 baht
Narita – Singapore 3,000 yen
Singapore – Narita 31 Singapore Dollar
Narita – Honolulu 4,000 yen
Honolulu – Narita 31 US dollars
Narita – Vancouver 5,000 yen
Vancouver – Narita 52 Canadian Dollar
Narita – San Francisco 5,000 yen
San Francisco – Narita 38 US dollars
Narita – San Jose 5,000 yen
San Jose – Narita 38 US dollars
Narita – Los Angeles 5,000 yen
Los Angeles – Narita 38 US dollars

What are the limited items in ZIP Air Carry-on Baggage?

Dangerous and Forbidden Onboard Items: Gunpowder, Aerosols, Bleach, paints, self-heating meals, Batteries, Matches/cigarette lighters, Weapons.

Carrying Liquids Onboard: There are limits on the amount of liquids that carried onboard.

  • 1 bag allowed for each person
  • Each container must have only 100 ml
  • If several containers brought on board, they must fit inside a transparent vinyl bag (with a zipper) that has a volume of 1 liter or less.

Check-in Baggage on ZIPAIR

When you check in your baggage, a fee will charged starting from the first piece.

  1. Limited Checked-in baggage Weight: 30kg per piece
  2. Maxi. Checked-in baggage Size: 203 cm or less

ZIPAIR Checked-in Baggage

  1. Fees applicable to each piece of checked baggage.
  2. Any excess amount counted as separate checked baggage.
  3. If the baggage exceeds the maximum size, it will not be accepted as check-in baggage.
  4. You can check in up to 5 bags per person, but if you check in more than one bag, you will be required to pay the checked baggage fee for each.
  5. If you decide to pay the fees at the airport counter, you will be required to pay an administrative handling fee in addition to the checked baggage fee.
  6. No Cash Payment accepted.

Check-In Baggage Fee (one, up to 30 kg)

Narita – Seoul 4,000 yen
Note: 3,500 yen (departing on/after March 31, 2024)
Seoul – Narita 38,100 won
Note: 33,300 won (departing on/after March 31, 2024)
Narita – Manila 5,000 yen
Manila – Narita 38 US dollars
Narita – Bangkok 5,000 yen
Bangkok – Narita 1,270 baht
Narita – Singapore 5,000 yen
Singapore – Narita 51 Singapore dollar
Narita – Honolulu 6,000 yen
Honolulu – Narita 46 US dollars
Narita – Vancouver 7,000 yen
Vancouver – Narita 73 Canadian Dollar
Narita – San Francisco 7,000 yen
San Francisco – Narita 54 US dollars
Narita – San Jose 7,000 yen
San Jose – Narita 54 US dollars
Narita – Los Angeles 7,000 yen
Los Angeles – Narita 54 US dollars

ZIPAIR Sport Equipment Allowance

What Sports Equipment allowed to carry on ZIP AIR?

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The maximum size of sports equipment is the size that can be stored in the cargo compartment.

  • No. of sports equipment taken on checked-in baggage: 5 pieces
  • Weight Limit: 32kg per item


  1. Fees converted using ZIPAIR’s applicable foreign exchange rate depending on the payment currency selected by the customer.
  2. No refund after the purchase.
  3. Sports equipment are able to be normal checked baggages (except bicycle / golf / ski / snowboard / surfboard).
  4. Golf clubs are handled as sports equipment regardless of the number of golf clubs.

Sports and Golf Equipment

List of baggage cost carry Golf Equipment, Ski/Snowboarding Equipment, One Surfboard to the following destination

Destination Baggage Cost
Golf Equipment, Ski/Snowboarding Equipment, One Surfboard: Maximum length 200 cm or shorter Bikes, One Surfboard: Maximum length longer than 200 cm
Narita – Seoul 5,500 yen 8,000 yen
Seoul – Narita 66,000 won 96,000 won
Narita – Manila 6,000 yen 9,000 yen
Manila – Narita 55 US dollars 82dollar
Narita – Bangkok 6,000 yen 9,000 yen
Bangkok – Narita 1,800 baht 2,800 baht
Narita – Singapore 6,000 yen 9,000 yen
Singapore – Narita 72 Singapore Dollar 109 Singapore Dollar
Narita – Honolulu 7,000 yen 11,000 yen
Honolulu – Narita 64 US dollars 100 US dollars
Narita – Vancouver 8,000 yen 13,000 yen
Vancouver – Narita 83 Canadian Dollar 135 Canadian Dollar
Narita – San Francisco 8,000 yen 13,000 yen
San Francisco – Narita 73 US dollars 118 US dollars
Narita – San Jose 8,000 yen 13,000 yen
San Jose – Narita 73 US dollars 118 US dollars
Narita – Los Angeles 8,000yen 13,000yen
Los Angeles – Narita 73dollar 118dollar

ZIP AIR Damage of check-in baggage

You may report any damage discovered upon arrival to the staff, they will decide whether compensation is possible. ZIP AIR is not responsible for unavoidable damage during transportation and no compensation for damage baggage that affected. Compensation not covered for your baggage.

If you have any other inquiries regarding damaged baggage, please contact us via Inquiry Form “Lost baggage/Damaged baggage/Wrong Baggage Picked Up”

How to report damage, lost baggage in ZIP AIR?

How to report damage, lost baggage in ZIP AIR?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the inquiry type
  3. Enter the confirmation number
  4. Enter name, email, phone number
  5. Enter the Bag-tag number
  6. Type the details of inquiry.


*Packing materials are not provided at the airport. We are not responsible for damage or loss of parts caused by inadequate packaging.
* When checking in fragile items such as musical instruments, sport goods (golf clubs, surfing equipment, scuba equipment, bicycles, ski equipment, etc.), ceramics, glassware, alcohol bottles, etc., please ensure to pack them properly for air transportation.

Is there any problem / complaint with reaching the ZIPAIR Baggage Address or Phone number? Please report any issues using the below comment form.

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