Enerjet Airline

  Amount 1 piece (2nd piece is $10, each direction, payable at check-in) Weight 20 kg./44 lb. combined Size The overall measurement (length + width + height) of each checked-in piece must be less than 62 inches or 158 cm. For more details visit : http://www.enerjet airline.com/Baggage/Baggage-Information Enerjet Airline Excess Baggage Enerjet […]

Enerjet Airline Checked Baggage

Excess Luggage Fees: 1st checked bag $0, per direction 2nd checked bag $10, per direction 3rd checked bag $40, per direction 4th checked bag $40, per direction Oversize bag $40, per direction Overweight bag $40, per direction Maximum allowable weight per piece of luggage is 32 kg (70 lbs). Luggage […]

Enerjet Airline Excess Baggage

Enerjet  was founded on 2006. It is a charter airline with its headquarters at Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The airline undertakes transporting oil sand workers to job sites in Alberta and contracting out to Tour and Holiday Operators. The airline commenced operations in spring of 2009. View […]

Enerjet Airline Baggage