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Self Service Check-in -Mobile Check-in | Web Check-in | Kiosk machine at the Airport Everyone wants to save the time they spend for Check-in at the airport. Self Check-in is one of the option to save your valuable time. There are few ways to self check-in. How to use Self-Service […]

How to use Self Check-in at the Airport?

Packing checklist to travel in the flight No matter what the length of your trip is: be it a weekend beach getaway or a three-week mountainous trek, you surely need to pack a bag, and you’ll always want to pack it right. There’s quite a lot to consider while determining what to bring: […]

Travel Packing Checklist for Air Travel

Tips To Get Free Upgrades In Flights Everyone loves surprises, especially when you are gifted by a flight attendant with a boarding pass with a very low row number, indicating an upgrade. First class upgrades are on most account doled out by a number of metrics, like one handed to […]

How to get free upgrades in flights?

How to save time at the airport? With airports getting busier than ever and queues getting longer at check-in and airport security, the old airport “two-hour” rule often leaves very few minutes enough to buy a magazine, grab a snack or hustle your kids into the bathroom. But air travel […]

Tips to save time at the airport

6 Handy tips to pack your things while flying When you are travelling, you want to have a peaceful ride and not burdened with over-weight and over-stuffed luggage. It is but natural to wish all your favorite clothes and rightly paired shoes as part of your travel itinerary. You need […]

Air Travel Packing Tips

Tips for travelling with elders in a flight Is air travel safe for the elderly? What will happen if there’s a medical emergency during the flight? No doubt that travelling with elders is a bit different from a normal family vacation, but before you start to ponder and make a […]

Tips for Air Travel with Elders