Ariana Afghan Airlines

Ariana Afghan Airlines (ARIANA) is the largest airline in Afghanistan and serves as the country’s National Carrier. Founded in 1955, ARIANA is the oldest airline of Afghanistan and has historical credibility in the aviation market. The company has its main base at Kabul International Airport, from where it provides flights […]

Ariana Afghan Airlines Head Office: Ticket Booking and Fleet

Checked Baggage The ticket shows your free baggage allowance. Allowances may be based on weight or pieces (number of bags)   Sector Class Adult Child Frankfurt/Kabul/Frankfurt Business 40Kg 40Kg Frankfurt/Kabul/Frankfurt Economy 30Kg 30Kg Istanbul/Kabul/Istanbul Business 40Kg 30Kg Istanbul/Kabul/Istanbul Economy 30Kg 30Kg Moscow/Kabul/Moscow Business 40Kg 40Kg Moscow/Kabul/Moscow Economy 30Kg 30Kg Dubai/Kabul/Dubai […]

Ariana Afghan Airlines Checked Baggage

Weight Concept : Maximum dimensions of per bag (H + W + L): 115 cm (45 inches) Piece Concept   :  Ariana Afghan Airlines ermits only one piece of cabin baggage on board. The dimensions of which should not exceed 115 linear cms and weight should not exceed 7 kgs.   […]

Ariana Afghan Airlines Hand | Cabin Baggage

Ariana Afghan Airlines Co. Ltd. , also known as Ariana, is the largest airline of Afghanistan and serves as the country’s national carrier. Founded in 1955, Ariana is the oldest airline of Afghanistan. The company has its main base at Kabul International Airport, from where it operates domestically, and also provides international connections that link Afghanistan […]

Ariana Afghan Airlines Baggage