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Courier and parcel delivery Nigerian Scam: What is it?

People who’ve been cheated by fraudulent package and parcel delivery firms contacted in droves. They usually receive messages informing them that they’ve won a prize from a celebrity or a friend sent them a gift and that they must provide money to cover the cost of shipping or clearing the parcel.

You will then receive an email purporting to be from your local customs office informing you that you’ve a parcel on hold and awaiting release, but you must pay a charge to cover administrative costs as well as custom fees and/or taxes.

The perpetrator usually contacts the victim by email, instant messaging, social media, using a bogus email address or social media account and makes an offer that reportedly results in a significant payment for the victim.

Complaints concerning the businesses listed below, which do not appear to exist in Nigeria. They are as follows:

  • IOSAS Freight
  • ENL Courier Express, INC.
  • RCS logistics, Abuja (RCS Logistics is based in the UK and does not offer courier services too Nigeria).

How to be aware of the scam?

  1. On the official website, double-check the courier company’s information which appears on the waybill.
  2. Using waybill number, you can contact the courier firm and request the parcel be tracked.
  3. Check the review of company in on Yelp and their BBB profile.
  4. The length of time a company has been in operation might also provide information about them.
  5. Verify the details of the agent.
  6. This is one of the most typical shipping cons that many Americans are subjected to on a daily basis. It’s particularly prevalent around the holidays and during shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  7. Be wary of any promise of a large sum of money in exchange for your participation in a fund-transfer scam.
  8. Don’t provide someone your personal or financial information if they make such an appeal.

What are the known scams of Courier – parcel delivery Nigerian Scam?

The “Nigerian prince” scam, often known as the “419” scam (called after the section of Nigeria’s criminal code dealing with fraud), has a dreadful history that precedes the digital age. Its origins can be traced back to a well-known 19th-century con known as the “Spanish Prisoner”. The attack method has evolved from letters and faxes to emails and social media.

The con artist pretends to be a wealthy and powerful individual who urgently needs your help to get a large sum of money out of their country in exchange for a large percentage of the loot.

Nigerian scams now originate from nations and include various scenarios of impending riches, some of which are based on real-world occurrences. (That Nigerian prince may now be a Syrian banker or a US soldier in the Middle East, for example.) However, the term has come to mean “advance fee” frauds that promise a significant quantity of money if you provide bank information or money up front.

What are the tips to avoid the scam?

  1. If you get a suspicious email, look for warning flags like bad grammar and mention of a bank, government agency, or other body that requires fees to be paid before money can be transferred.
  2. If you ever get a check from an unknown source, proceed with care.
  3. If someone asks for a gift card, keep in mind that gift cards are intended to be given rather than used as payment. You have two choices: ignore the requester or, if it appears to be coming from someone you know, pick up the phone and ask them about it.
  4. Walk away if the company requires you to pay a fee up advance in order to be considered for the position. No legitimate work opportunity, including mystery shopping, requires payment.
  5. Don’t agree to pay money to a stranger who contacts you online via wire transfer, international fund transfer, cash reload card, or cryptocurrency.

Read the list of comments getting for courier parcel delivery Nigerian Scam for Airlines section in Nigeria and be aware of the scam

Emirates SkyCargo Airline in Abuja, Nigeria:

Town office of Emirates in Kano, Nigeria:

Emirates town office in Lagos, Nigeria:


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9 thoughts on “Courier and parcel delivery Nigerian Scam: What is it? How to be aware of the scam? , what are the known scams

  • Joshua Amadu

    Pls why are the agents doing this, a parcel was sent to me since yesterday but the agent has collected 9500 from me of which I paid but he is still requesting for 25000 of which he said is for custom.. Pls wat do I do to get my parcel its in Abuja

    • Muhammad murtala Abdulaziz

      Why are the agent doing this a package was sent to me today from UK, but the agent where asking me for 14300 for delivery from Abuja to Kano please what can I do to get my package from Abuja namdi azikiwe international airport
      My package ID is 000647
      My name Muhammad murtala Abdulaziz

    • Udo glory

      Please have paid 100,000 since yesterday till now my package hv not been delivered this the persons number 07036228055, I paid him to deliver it yet it’s nowhere to be found

      • Fatima yetunde

        Pls I got a parcel from USA Florida and I was told to pay 9500 but with this comment am receiving hope I will nt be scam bcus the lady said if I didn’t pick it up today the will be added with sum if 2000 pls someone should help me out……I don’t want to be scam


    I want to confirm whether or not there’s Courier Service namely RCS Logistics Courils Service and it’s registered organization. Because I was told a parcel is from me in UK by a friend and I was sent Account details of a secretary to pay #13,500 for flight delivery of the parcel from UK to Abuja back to Lagos, because I based in Lagos.

    It’s there any courier service name RvCS Logistics Courils Service,pls I need help before I’m scam

  • Okunloro Temitayo

    Good day, a package was sent to me from USA and I was called my package is arrived at abuja with the reference number 609 that I will need to pay 16500. To be send to my location, which is ogun state.. but I haven’t pay bcos of this comments have been seeing since

  • Princess

    Please someone sent iPhone and laptop to me from US with reference number 609 I called yesterday and was told that’s ready for collection ,they request for #9000 which I paid now they are saying I should pay for local duties #25000 now IAM confused