TSA PreCheck® Program at Allegiant Air: How to apply boarding pass for TSA PreCheck lane?

tsa precheck at the airport

If you are a TSA member, you can use this program to get through airport security faster through the TSA PreCheck lane. TSA precheck indicator will be found on your Allegiant Air airline boarding pass

Procedure to use Allegiant Air TSA PreCheck® Program for TSA PreCheck lane

Allegiant Air Customer Care: (702) 505-8888

Allegiant participates in TSA Pre ✔® program for expedited security screening at select airports nationwide. During TSA Precheck®, you neednot to remove shoes, belt or light jacket. Keep your liquids and computers in your bag.

  1. Passengers enter with a Known Traveler Number (KTN) for booking for new reservation.
  2. Enter your the name, date of birth and other identifying information (Should be matched during enrollment).

Allegiant Air TSA Pre-Check

Through Allegiant mobile app

Allegiant’s new mobile app, helps in boarding pass convenience through your smartphone. You can,

  • Check-in using the mobile app starting 24 hours before and until 45 minute prior to your flight.
  • Add seats, bags or Priority Access.
  • You can get party’s Boarding Pass(es) on your smartphone and save $5.
  • Speed through TSA security screening and board your flight.
  • View the entire trip on your smartphone.

Allegiant Air Airlines Customer Care

Allegiant air Customer Support

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Allegiant Air Airlines Offices Worldwide

Find Allegiant Airlines Offices Contact details such as Address, Phone number, Location, Email, baggage allowance and more details in your country.

TSA PreCheck boarding pass: How to apply and add, TSA Customer Care Contact?

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