How to do a web check-in (WCI) for a flight and get the boarding pass online?

Procedure to do web check-in

Everyone wants to save the time they spend for Check-in at the airport. Web Check-in is one of the easiest option you can do through online from your home / office location / anywhere to save your valuable time. There are few ways to web check-in.

For more than 10 members can use web check-in.

It is mandatory to do web check-in for the most of the domestic flights.

  1. Passengers can do Check-in online by visiting the airline official website
  2. Most of the airline offers Web check-in opens 24 hours and closes 4 hours prior to the departure.
  3. Visit the website and click “Check-in” (Each airline has their own style of menu)
  4. Create / Login with user name and password (or)
  5. Enter the PNR / Booking ID
  6. Enter your registered email
  7. Select your preferable seat
  8. Pay the required fee if applicable.
  9. Fill the health declaration for if applicable.
  10. Once you fill the required details, you will be completed your web check-in.
  11. Your name, PNR / booking number, Flight number, boarding date, seat will be appeared along with QR which is the boarding pass. You can take a print out at your location / at the airport kiosk.

*Some airlines will not accept web check-in for the unaccompanied minors, passengers who requires special / medical assistance, travelling with pets . Always check with your airline if you have any queries.

What are the requirements while using Web Check-in?

While using web check-in, please have the following on hand

  • Flight number
  • Booking reference number / PNR
  • Passport
  • Loyalty program / frequent flyer number


If a passenger can do web check-in online, will they have to check-in at the airport?

  • No. Passenger can only go to the check-in desk to drop their baggage

How to use Self Check-in at the Airport?

You can view How to use Self Service, Mobile and Web Check-in, Kiosk machine at the Airport through the above link.

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