Zhuhai Jinwan Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China Address / Phone / Email

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China Address / Phone / Email / Location / Website


Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, Jinwan, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China

Working hours

Phone: +86 756 777 8888



Zhuhai Jinwan Airport Website: http://www.zhairport.com/index.html

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport IATA code: ZUH

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport ICAO code: ZGSD

Airlines and Destinations

View the list of airlines arriving and departing from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport in China. Click the link to get the airline offices around the world and their address, phone number, fax, email, website, baggage allowance, online check-in details, special assistance details and more.


Air Chang’an Xi’an
Air China Beijing–CapitalChengduChongqingDazhouTianjinWuhanYuncheng
Chengdu Airlines ChengduZunyi-Xinzhou
China Eastern Airlines ChangshaChengduHarbinGuiyang,[2] Hefei,[3] JinanLanzhou,[4] NanchangNanjingNingboSanyaShanghai–HongqiaoShanghai–PudongWuxiWuyishanXi’an,[2] Zhengzhou
China Express Airlines ChongqingGuiyangLiuzhouZhanjiang
China Southern Airlines Beijing–CapitalChangchunChangshaChengduChongqingDalianGuiyangHaikouHangzhouHarbinHefeiJieyangKunmingLanzhouMeizhouNanchangNanjingSanyaShanghai–PudongShenyangTaiyuanTianjinWuhanXi’anYiwuYinchuanZhengzhou
Donghai Airlines KunmingNantongZhengzhou
Fuzhou Airlines FuzhouNanchangYichang
Grand China Air Sanya
GX Airlines HaikouHandan HefeiMeizhouNanning
Hainan Airlines ChangshaDalianHaikouHangzhouWuhanXi’anÜrümqiSanya
Juneyao Airlines Shanghai–Hongqiao
LJ Air HarbinHefei
Loong Air HangzhouKunmingNanchangNingboWenzhouXi’anZhengzhou
Lucky Air Kunming
Okay Airways HangzhouNanchangTianjinSanya
Qingdao Airlines HuangshanNanchangQingdaoShenyang
Shandong Airlines ChongqingFuzhouHarbinHohhotJinanNanchangNanningQingdaoShanghai–PudongTianjinÜrümqiWenzhouXiamen
Shanghai Airlines JieyangShanghai–PudongWenzhou
Shenzhen Airlines ChongqingDalianFuzhouHefeiNanchangNanjingShenyangWuxiZunyi–Maotai
Sichuan Airlines ChangzhouKunmingSanya
Spring Airlines HarbinNingboShanghai–HongqiaoShanghai–PudongShijiazhuangYanghzhou
Suparna Airlines JinanShanghai–PudongTianjin
Tianjin Airlines ChangshaHaikouMeizhouTianjinXi’an
West Air ChongqingHefeiZhengzhou
Xiamen Airlines FuzhouHangzhouKunmingQuanzhouXiamen


Airlines Destinations
China Southern Airlines Shanghai—Pudong, Amsterdam

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