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About China Southern Airline:
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China Southern Airlines was founded in 1988 which has headquarters based in Guangzhou, China . China Southern Airlines operates the largest fleet, most developed route network and largest passenger capacity of any airline in The People’s Republic of China.

Currently, China Southern Airlines operates more than 600 passenger and cargo transport aircrafts, including Boeing 787, 777, 747, 757& 737 and Airbus A380, 330, 321, 320, 319. The airline fleet is ranked the first in Asia and the fifth in the world (Data source: IATA, in terms of fleet size) .China Southern Airlines is the first airline in the world to operate both A380 and 787.

China Southern Airline Baggage Allowance

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List of China Southern Airline Offices:

Australia – Wesley House Level 6, Brisbane

Australia – International Terminal, Brisbane

Australia – Flinders Street, Melbourne

Australia –  Melbourne Airport, Melbourne

Australia – Perth Intl Airport, Perth

Australia – East Perth 

Australia –  Clarence St., Sydney

Australia – Sydney

Azerbaijan – Babek plaza, Baku

Azerbaijan – Baku

Bangladesh – Dhaka

Bangladesh – Banani, Dhaka 

Cambodia – Dangkor District, Phnom Penh

Cambodia – MOVIVONG BLVD, Phnom Penh

Cambodia – Siem Reap

Canada – Richmond, Vancouver

Canada – West Hastings Street, Vancouver

China – Beihai

China – West Changan Avenue, Beijing

China – East Third Ring Road (M), Beijing

China – Departure Hall, Beijing

China – Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing

China – Jilin Province, Changchun

China – CZ Ticket Center, Changchun

China – Changchun Longjia International Airport, Changchun

China – Changsha

China – Zhongyu Aiduhui, Chongqing

China – Chongqing

China – Dalian

China – Daqing

China – Fuzhou

China – Guangzhou

China – Guilin

China – Guiyang

China – Hami Airport

China – State Road, Hami

China – Harbin Taiping International Airport

China – Harbin

China – Longkun South Road, Haikou

China – Haikou Meilan International Airport

China – Xiaoshan International Airport, Hangzhou

China – Euro America Center, Hangzhou

China – Hefei Xinqiao Airport

China – Feixi Road, Hefei

China – Yingbin Road, Hetian

China – Tanaiyi North Road, Hetian

China – Dongfeng North Road, Hengyang

China – Dongfeng South Road, Hengyang

China – Lantau, Hong Kong


China – Huhehaote

China – Jiedong County, Jieyang

China – Jieyang Chaoshan Airport

China – Jilin

China – Jingzhou

China – Youyi Road, Karamay

China – Baiyun Fourth Road, Karamay

China – Jiefang South Road, Kashi

China – Xinjiang, Kashi

China – Lianhang Building, Korla

China – Korla Airport

China – Kunming

China – Chuncheng Road, Kunming

China – Yunnan, Kunming

China – Lhasa

China – Lanzhou

China – Liuzhou

China – Yanjiang Middle Avenue, Nanchang

China – Changbei International Airport

China – B2BG20 Office, Nanchang


China – Nanjing Lukou International Airport

China – Lingdongshangceng, Nanning

China – Wuxu Airport, Nanning

China – Nanyang

China – Renmin North Road, Nanyang

China – Ningbo

China – Qingdao Liuting International Airport

China – Shandong Province, Qingdao

China – Sanya Phoenix International Airport

China – Fenghuang Road, Sanya

China – Longhu District, Shantou

China -Tianshan Road, Shantou

China – Heping North Avenue, Shenyang

China – Taoxian Airport, Shenyang

China – Wen’an Road, Shenyang

China – Baoan Airport, Shenzhen

China – Nanshan District, Shenzhen

China – Pudong airport terminal, Shanghai

China – Hongqiao airport terminal(near Gate 4), Shanghai

China – Hongqiao airport terminal, Shanghai

China – Taipei


China – Taiyu Road, Taiyuan

China – Dingtaifenghua, Taiyuan

China – Tianjin

China – Shijiazhuang

China – Diwopu Airport, Urumqi

China – Youhao South Road, Urumqi

China – Departure Hall, Urumqi

China – Kongque Building, Urumqi

China – Wenzhou

China – Wuhan Tianhe Airport

China – Minghang Lane, Wuhan

China – Jiangtian Building, Wuhan

China – High-Tech Zone, Xi’an

China – Xi’an Xianyang Airport

China – Cao Jia Bao Airport, Xining

China – Ba Yi Road(west), Xining

China – Xiamen

China – Yanji

China – Xinjiang, Yining

China – Stalin Street, Yining

China – Yiwu

China – Yinchuan

China – Yinchuan

China – Zhanjiang

China – Zhang Jiajie

China – Zhengzhou Xinzheng Intl Airport

China – Huzhu Road, Zhengzhou

China – Zhengbian Road, Zhengzhou

China – Zhongshan

China – Zhuhai Airport

China – Jida, Zhuhai

FRANCE – Roissy CDG Cedex, PARIS


Georgia – bilisi International Airport

Georgia – Apakidze str, Tbilisi

Germany – Frankfurt Airport

Germany – Cargo City Sued, Frankfurt

HKorea – Gangseo-gu, Busan

HKorea – JUNG-GU, Busan

HKorea – JIZEO-DONG, Daegu

HKorea – DONG-GU, Daegu

HKorea – SEO-GU, Daejeon

HKorea – NAESU-EUP, Daejeon

HKorea – DONGHWA B/D, Seoul

HKorea – GONGHANGNO, Seoul

Holland – THE NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam

Holland – WTC Schiphol A6, Amsterdam

India – Delhi

India – Barakhamba Road, Delhi

Indonesia – Jakarta

Iran – Teheran

Japan – Fukuoka

Japan – Ibaraki

Japan – AICHI, Nagoya

Japan – Nagoya

Japan – Niigata

Japan – Osaka


Japan – Sapporo

Japan – SAPPORO-SHI, Sapporo

Japan – Ota-ku, Tokyo

Japan – Yamaguchi bldg., Tokyo

Japan – Toyama

Kazakhstan – Samal str., Astana

Kazakhstan – Esil district, Astana

Kazakhstan – Almaty

Kyrgyzstan – Chui Avenue, Osh

Kyrgyzstan – Lenin Avenue, Osh

Kyrgyzstan – Osh

Malaysia – Penang

Malaysia – MENARA BHL, Penang

Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia – JALAN AMPANG, Kuala Lumpur

Myanmar – Yangon

Nepal – Kathmandu

New Zealand – Mezzanine floor, Auckland

New Zealand –  Quay Street, Auckland

New Zealand – Christchurch International Airport 

New Zealand – Duray Road, Christchurch

Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad

Pakistan – jinnah avenue, Islamabad

Philippines – Manila

Philippines – ROXAS BOULEVARD, Manila

Russia – Khabarovsk

Russia – KHABAROVSK AIRPORT, Khabarovsk

Russia – Khimky town, Moscow

Russia – PEACE AVENUE, Moscow

Russia -Baggage Inquiry office, Novosibirsk

Russia – Novosibirsk

Russia – novosibirsk International Airport

Russia – Vladivostok

Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Singapore –  Passenger Terminal Building 1, Singapore

Singapore – KECK SENG TOWER, Singapore

Tajikista – Sogd.B.Gafurov reg-n, Khujand

Tajikista –  Firdavsi Street, Khujand

Tajikista – Dushanbe

Thailand – Bangplee, Bangkok

Thailand – Sathorn, Bangkok

The United Arab Emirates – Dubai

Turkey – Ataturk Dhmi, Istanbul

Turkey – Yesilkoy Mah., Istanbul

Turkmenistan – Ashgabat Airport

Turkmenistan – Mahetumugulei Avenue, Ashgabat

United Kingdom – Heathrow Airport London

United Kingdom – Middlesex, London

United States – New York

United States –  Los Angeles, New York

United States – Losangeles

United States – WILSHIRE BLVD, Losangeles

United States – Chicago

Uzbekistan – Terminal#02, Tashkent

Uzbekistan – BABUR STREET, Tashkent

Vietnam – Hanoi

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh

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