Enerjet  was founded on 2006. It is a charter airline with its headquarters at Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The airline undertakes transporting oil sand workers to job sites in Alberta and contracting out to Tour and Holiday Operators. The airline commenced operations in spring of 2009. View […]

Enerjet Airline Baggage

Aggregate Total of Checked and Carry-on/Carry-out Excess Bag Charge for Fixed Fare Passengers Reduced Excess Bag Charge for Flex Fare Passengers Our Lowest Excess Bag Charge for Liberty Fare Passengers Overweight (between 54 lbs and 63 lbs.) $25 $26.25 (incl GST) $28.25 (incl HST) $15 $15.75 (incl GST) $16.95 (incl […]

Bearskin Airlines Excess Baggage

British Midland International (bmi regional) Airline Address, Phone, Email, Fax and more in Switzerland British Midland International (bmi regional) Switzerland Address: Phone: (+41) 315 280 222 Email: BMI (British Midland International) Customer Care Number (UK Callers) 0330 333 7998, (International Callers) +44 330 333 7998 BMI (British Midland International) Official […]

British Midland International (bmi regional) Airline in Switzerland