Air Antilles Hand | Cabin, Checked Baggage 2


Air Antilles Hand | Cabin, Checked Baggage

Air Antilles flights have a maximum baggage allowance of 8 pieces of checked luggage. Each item must maximum weight and size limits. Each checked item should not exceed 23kg (50lbs) in weight and must meet the overall dimensions of 152cm (60 inches).

Hand luggage is allowed free of charge, as long as the items are less than 5kg (11lbs) in weight and within the size restrictions listed on the website. This hand luggage can include laptop bags, suitcases, camera cases, umbrellas and other similar items

Air Antilles Airlines Hand | Carry-On Baggage

One piece of carry-on baggage of 11 lb and dimensions not exceeding 21x11x7.8 in (height/width/depth). No excess weight allowed for carry-on luggage.

Air Antilles Airlines Checked Baggage

The COOL, FLEX and SUPER fares include, free of any additional charge, a 50 lb baggage allowance. On the day of departure, the flat rate will be €25 per direction.  Beyond that allowance, passengers will be required to pay for extra and special luggage.



Air Antilles Maximum Weight for luggage?

Maximum weight allowance is 40kg for Economy Class and 50kg for Business Class.

Maximum Size of a bag travelling with Air Antelles?

Maximum dimensions should be 158cm/62in including handles and wheels.

Is there any additional fee for extra baggage with Air Antelles?

Yes, for each additional bag checked in you need to pay with a fee that could vary between 25 and 55 USD depending on the route.

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  • Jean Philippe Blaton


    name: Jean Philippe Blaton
    Nationality: Belgium
    eticket reservation number: 1693832525412
    Day of travel: 20 december 2020
    FDF TO 3S 316 SDQ

    I would like to make a complaint about a lost luggage.
    When i arrived in Cancun, the bag was missing. I was in discussed this with a certain Oscar from Copa Airlines.
    I filled in a form and he told me we would be in contact through Whatsapp. The whole conversation can be found in attachments.

    Luggage information

    Brand: Eagle Creak
    Black with small blue details
    A photo of the has been added into attachments