Air Spray Baggage Allowance

Air Spray Ltd. was originally incorporated in 1954 as a crop spraying company in the Wetaskiwin, Alberta area. It later expanded into mosquito control with a contract awarded by the City of Edmonton in 1956. However in the mean time, the aerial wildfire suppression industry was in its infancy with government agencies seeking a solution to the ever growing problem of controlling wildfires destroying timber and threatening communities. In response to this need, Air Spray Ltd. was one of a handful of companies in North America that shut down its crop spraying operations and converted its aircraft to fight wildfires.

Air Spray Carry on Baggage

  • One piece of hand baggage weighing a maximum of 8kgs as cabin baggage.
  • The bag should not exceed these dimensions: height 22 inches, length 14 inches and width 10 inches.

Air Spray Checked Baggage

  • The maximum Weighing a Checked Baggage is 25 kg.


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