Bluebird Airways: Ticket Booking and Fleet Head Office Contact details, Check-in, Flight status, Special Assistance 3

Bluebird Airways: Ticket Booking and Fleet Head Office Phone number, Address, Email, Working hours, Google map location

We fly high : we are growing fast, travelling far and here to serve 

“Blue bird airways” is a greek airline company, established on 2008. With a rapid growth and superior customer service. We shoot for the sky when it comes to top quality aviation services in Europe. We are fully committed to provide our services under the strict European standards and doing everything in our power to be the best at what we do for you. “Blue bird airways” was founded with safety in mind and customer care at heart. We know how it all started and we definitely know where we want to take it further. We have a clear vision of how we perceive the modern aviation services and we are here to make it happen. Our direct clients and passengers are the best evidence that we are on the right track. We offer our clients a tangible and flexible business model in order to provide them the best prices for our European standard aviation services.

Blubird Airways Address: Heraklion International Airport “Nikos Kazantzakis”
P.C. 71601 P.O. Box 37, Crete, Greece

Phone : (+30) 2810 336326/27-224451

Fax: (+30) 2810 224452

Commercial :

Email : [email protected]

Operational & Passenger Service enquiries :

Phone :  (+30) 2810 336326 /27-224451

Ticket Reservations/Bookings enquiries :

Email : [email protected]

Phone : (+972) 36211033

Airways Official website

Types of Planes / Air craft available with Bluebird Airways

  • Boeing 737-300

Bluebird Airways Baggage Allowance

Bassaka Air Baggage

Bluebird Airways Baggage Allowance

View Bluebird Airways Hand | Cabin baggage, Checked baggage, Excess baggage charges, over weight baggage charges, over size baggage charges in the above link.


Bluebird Airways Special Assistance Services :

Travelling while pregnant: 

Pregnant women are allowed to travel up to the 26th week without a doctor’s medical certificate. From the end of the 26th up to 32nd week a medical certificate confirming the expected date of delivery must be obtained. The medical permission must be displayed at the time of booking, yet an updated document must be acquired 72 hours before the forthcoming flights carry and presenting it at the registration point. The doctor’s medical certificate should include the following:

  • Confirmation that a pregnancy is progressing without complications;
  • The expected due date;
  • The doctor’s statement that the patience’s pregnancy does not prevent her from flying the dates (Departure/ Return) for the flights indicated on the ticket.

Expectant mother beyond the 32nd week of pregnancy will not be permitted to fly under any circumstances.

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Travelling with pet in Bluebird Airways:

For more details visit :

Pets travel in Flight

Queries handled by Bluebird Airways Customer care:

Schedule, eBooking, Rescheduling, Track and Trace, Charter Service Queries, Trucking service Queries, e-claims Flight Information, Missing Luggage, Delayed Flights. Pharma, pets, valuable, perishable goods and extra care shipment queries.

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3 thoughts on “Bluebird Airways: Ticket Booking and Fleet Head Office Contact details, Check-in, Flight status, Special Assistance

  • Phil

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! I booked a flight with them in Feb 2020, the flight got rescheduled twice, then finally cancelled in June. I contacted them about the refund multiple times. Guess what, I still haven’t got any refund from them! It’s Feb 2021!!!!

  • Mark Sheridan

    There is no way of emailing Bluebird Airways about a problem with the aircraft. On my flight, the cabin air pressure was so low that items in the habnd luggage exploded and a child’s drink bottle discharged its contents all over the child like a fountain. I cannot address the issue with them because their contact form only sends if you have a specific 305 number. If the cabin pressure is low enough to explode a packet of Bamba, it can burst an eardrum. This is dangerous. If the problem was accidental, they need to fix it. If they lowered the pressure on purpose to save money, they should stop it. I am a Mechanical Engineering expert with experience of aircraft design.