China Eastern Airlines Checked Baggage 2


For each piece of checked baggage, the weight cannot be more than 50kg and the volume cannot exceed 40cm×60cm×100cm, and in case any baggage exceeds the aforesaid specifications, it shall be checked with the prior consent of China Eastern Airlines.

Type of flight Restrictions on checked baggage weight (Per piece) Restrictions on checked baggage volume (per piece)
International or regional flights less than 32 kg Not exceeding 40cm*60cm*100cm
International or regional and domestic connecting flights
Domestic flights Less than 50kg


For more details visit : http://www.China Eastern Airlines .com/Baggage/Baggage-Information

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2 thoughts on “China Eastern Airlines Checked Baggage

  • Mariam

    Hello! I have an international flight from Shanghai, and before that a domestic flight from Lanzhou to Shanghai. Plesse, tell me, can I take 2 checked baggages and one hand_baggage with me, my international flight ticket allows that, if no, what dhoud I do? And also, for domestic flight do I need a test, or just a health code? I live in China 2 years, I never left China during that time. Thank you!