Copa Airlines Checked Baggage 4


2 pieces of baggage with maximum weight does not exceed 32 kgs.

Copa Airlines accepts up to a maximum of 2 additional bags per person in all destinations as long as they do not exceed 32 kgs individual weight and 160 linear centimeters.

  • On international flights, Copa Airlines does not allow bags to be checked in more than four hours in advance of the scheduled flight departure time.
  • On domestics flights within Colombia, Copa Airlines does not allow bags to be checked in more than six hours in advance of the flight departure time.
  • If your flight includes an overnight layover, you must retrieve your bags from customs and check them in again at the connection location.

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4 thoughts on “Copa Airlines Checked Baggage

  • Nair Elias

    Tenho uma dúvida. Por isso pergunto:
    Meu vôo Copairlines de LAX ao Panamá CM396 e Panamá a Porto Alegre CM821 dia 09 ABR 2018.
    Quero plastificar minhas 2 bagagens despachadas. Existe esse serviço no LAX airport e qual localização?
    Muito obrigada pela atenção.

  • Martin Taxson

    I am contemplating a RT flight from Orlando to Aruba via Copa Airlines. On the return flight I plan to overnight in Panama City and board the next day’s flight back to Orlando.

    Is there a baggage charge from COPA?

    Do you have any special “passenger” tours available in Panama City to get the flavor of the city. The last time I was in Panama, for 5 days on business/pleasure President Noriega was in charge and the city was closed for elections. I think that it’s time to return.

  • Kirk Wilson

    I do not use credit cards. Can I pay for my bag with debit at the airport? Can I pay online with a virtual Visa card?

    I have called all numbers to contact you in Canada but none of your numbers work.

  • Valerie J Hayes

    I booked my flight Nov 7. At that time there was NO embargo LAX-GYE. Now you change the rules with an embargo Dec – Jan 12. AM I protected ? Can I still bring more bags, based on the date I booked? Or must I now follow the new embargo rules?