How to carry pets from India to USA through Air? Procedure, Cost, Documents Required

If the pets are going as accompanied as excess baggage or in cabin then there is no requirement for the clearance from the quarantine officers clearance or NOC because the US does not require this for pets coming into the US, in this case just the health certificate and vaccination from a local qualified.

What are the sources to transport Pets from India?

There are 3 ways for transporting pets (dogs/cats) out of India. Not all the airlines provide all three options.

  1. Excess Baggage
  2. Air Cargo
  3. Air Cargo via a Commercial Shipping Company

Excess Baggage

  • You may travel with your pet on the same flight(s), either in the Cabin or Cargo all depends upon the Airlines.
  • Your pets can transported as excess baggage and charges will applied.
  • You have to confirm this weeks in advance with your airline(s).
  • Animals weighing 100 lbs. or more will travel as cargo, even if they are transported on the same flight as you.

Air Cargo

  • You can arrange a separate flight as an air cargo shipment for your pet transportation.
  • if you don’t want to accompany your pet, but you need to make arrangements for picking up your pet at the final destination, the cost will be higher than excess baggage charges.

Air Cargo via a Commercial Shipping Company

  • You may arrange with a licensed commercial shipper to handle the arrangements to ship your pet as air cargo.
  • You pay the cargo rate plus the shipping company’s fee.

Who’re the local Pet expediters in New Delhi?

 Pet expediters  Name Phone Number Email
M/s Clintus Network, Ltd.
Khasra No. 332l Chatterpur
New Delhi, India
Mr. Dinesh Joshi, Director Tel: 91-11-26803874/75/76/77/78/79
Cell: +91 9810155741
[email protected] [email protected]
Star Worldwide Group Pvt. Ltd
13/7 Main Mathura Road
Faridabad, Haryana
Ms. Kriti Vohra Office: 01294093208
Mobile: 9311443417
[email protected] ; [email protected]

NOTE: The Embassy/Consulate neither endorses these providers nor guarantees their professional competence.

How to contact for questions pertaining to other consular districts?

City Email id
New Delhi [email protected]
Chennai  [email protected]
Hyderabad  [email protected]
Kolkata  [email protected]
Mumbai [email protected]

Animal Quarantine Certification Service

Address: Kapashera Crossing
Behing Kapashera Police Station
Delhi-Gurgaon road, Kapashera

Office: 2506-3272; Cell: +91 99581 99310
**Will make house calls if requested.

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