How to change mistakes in your name, flight date and refund ticket in WestJet Encore Airlines?

How to change flight date / name / postpone / cancel the booked flight in WestJet Encore Airlines?

Change / reschedule your travel date in WestJet Encore Airlines:

Through WestJet Encore Airlines Manage trips section, you can change of flight time and date / passenger name / cancel the flight.

Here are the procedure to do online. You can also contact the travel agent to change your flight date

  1. Visit
  2. Go to the “Manage trips” section, select what you want to change.
  3. You can change or cancel your flights online, with a few exceptions.
  4. Click “Sign in”
  5. Enter the Reservation code, first name, last name
  6. Select the date you want to reschedule
  7. Confirm the submission.
  8. Pay the required fee if applicable.
  9. If you are hearing impaired, you can cancel your booking using TTY toll free 1-877-952-0100.

How to get refund from WestJet Encore Airlines for unused / partially used flight tickets?

By online

  1. Go to “Manage flight” and Click ‘Refund request form’
  2. Enter the required details and make the payment if applicable.

Through WestJet Encore Airlines Service Centre / Call Centre

  • If you cannot request a refund online, you can call the customer care number

Through travel agent

  • If you have booked a WestJet Encore Airlines flight ticket through any travel agent, please contact them for a refund.

WestJet Encore Airlines Baggage Allowance

View WestJet Encore Airlines Hand | Cabin baggage, Checked baggage, Excess baggage charges, over weight baggage charges, over size baggage charges, Airport Baggage rates in the above link.


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