How to find and book the cheapest flight tickets 59

Book Early

This is the standard advise given out by every travel advisor. Airlines provide tickets at cheaper rates if booked early. This is to incentivise the users so that the airline can operate with confidence that its flight will be full sooner. If your travel date or date range is confirmed, book the tickets right away, as early as possible to get the best fares. Booking in last minute will cause unnecessary stress on the wallet as well as peace of mind, since normal economy tickets tend to become sold out as the flight date gets closer and the travellers are forced to book business class or premium tickets at a higher fare than that of the economy class.

Book flexible dates

There are certain portals such as or SkyScanner where one can see a calendar of fares, in different combinations. Anyone with flexibility in dates should check for the cheapest outbound date and the cheapest inbound date. Even if your region doesn’t have any OTA that supports such a feature, one can manually check the rates for a 1 week to 10 day period to figure out the best date for travel.

Compare OTA vs Direct Airline website

Certain airlines offer cheapest prices on their own website compared to OTA (Online Travel Agent) websites. It is always advisable to check the prices of a flight ticket in multiple OTAs as well as directly on the airline website before booking. Several OTAs charge a convenience fee (ex: Tajawal, Cleartrip etc) while booking with specific airlines (Air India Express, Air Arabia etc). To avoid this convenience fee (sometimes called as “Processing Fee”), simply logon directly to the airline’s official website and book from there.

Avoid Credit card Forex Fee

When booking flight tickets online, avoid using international portals and use portals in your own country to book the flights. Since you will most likely be using a credit card to book the flight ticket, watch out for the foreign exchange fee on the card (aka forex fee), which usually starts at 3.5% on most cards. Ideally, look for tracel portals (OTAs – Online Travel Agents) of your own country and book through them.

Book Connecting Flights

If you have time, but want to save on money, opt for longer flight times but with cheaper fares. Most OTAs allow you to sort by cheapest flight and shortest flights. Often, connecting flights are cheaper. Some OTAs also make their own connecting flights without codesharing agreement between the airlines themselves.

Hide your Flight ticket Search History

OTAs as well as airline websites use cookies to track a returning user and intentionally show higher fares to maximize their profits. It is always recommended to do all your flight searches in “Incognito Mode” or “Private browsing mode” to hide your search history from such websites.

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59 thoughts on “How to find and book the cheapest flight tickets

  • irene Haurobi

    I would like to buy return ticket using miles how do I go about it . From Khartoum to Harare and from Harare to Khartoum.

  • Brita Gardom McLaughlin

    hi. I just want to change the credit card I just used – can a customer service rep help me with this without me incurring the cancellation feels?i still want the flight

  • SBL Saxena

    Dear Sir,

    SUB: Looking for most optimum cost Business Class travel:- BKK-CMH(Ohio)-BKK

    I am Indian National working in Thailand for last over 20 years.
    For our travel from Bangkok to Columbus (Ohio) United States, me and my wife wish to travel by most optimum Business Class ticket.

    Dates of our travel are flexible say by +/- 3 or 4 days.

    Proposed Travel Dates are:
    Bangkok – Columbus (CMH) 12th Oct 2018: +/- 3 or 4 days.
    Columbus (CMH) – Bangkok 8th December 2018: + 3 or 4 days

    Please inform us possible flights. I expect total flight time including stop over not omever 25 to 27 hours.
    As regards to cost of business class send me the possibilities anywhere below 5000 US $ and not over.

    We already have 10 years validity Multiple entry US Visa and we have travelled to US 10-12 times in last ten years or so.

    Best regards,
    SBL Saxena

  • Cindy Ivey

    I accidently booked the wrong date for my husband’s flight home from Alberta. I have been on hold for over an hour now as the on-line system will not allow me to cancel/change the date. What a waste of time! My error, I realize that – but on hold over an hour….seriously?

  • Muaz Yusuf Ahmed

    I am a PhD STUDENT here in one of malaysian university, I would like to travel to Nigeria .. i mean from Kuala Lumpur to Abuja Nigeria or from Kuala Lumpur to Kano Nigeria,on 13, 14,15,16 Dec, and come back on 12,or13,0r 14 January 2019. please can you get me a cheapest ticket ?? thank you so much

    • Stephanie Onuorah

      I want to check if there’s still seat to travel to Addis Ababa from Enugu on 5/1/2019 to come back on 29/01/2019. please if there’s space how do i make my payment


    good morning.estoy tratando de hacer una reservacion para New York por 3 dias y aun no he podido tengo la tarjeta de AAdvantage con el #58W76E0 no recuerdo mi # de pintengo varios viajes en el ano pasado y yo siempre he echo mis reservacionesque puedo hacer por favor ayudenme soy ciudadana Americana por favor gracias
    mi cell is 0412 739 7405

  • Wellington Abrahim Cooper

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  • Lawrence Kinyua

    I would like to book for one way ticket to Nairobi from Hargesia via Addis in April last week of April 2019 what are the flexible dates?

  • Vlascicka Triaska

    I would like to book flight from Belgrade, Serbia to Houston, Texas on June 8 and return on July 6 (or around these dates – important it is on weekend Saturday or Sunday). I am looking for the cheapest option. I am 67 and with relatively poor vision. I would like to purchase ticket in Belgrade. Payment can be done in dinars or USD. Please, give me the contact – e mail to Belgrade office, so I can get in touch with them. Thank you.

  • Syaifuddin

    I would like to suggestion to the Garuda Indonesia Ticket Office telephone contact numbers to provide the internet Mobile Number which could access of WA or VC. this is easy the costumer send any massages related any issues to be solved Quickly action, easier, effectively, efficiently and timely manner please.

    Because of current number is most expensive (High Roaming cost) in communication

    Highly appreciate for your kindest to improve the Communication link please

  • vinod lobo

    2 May 2019 23:00 hrs Dammam (DMM) Mumbai (BOM) 9W 563 Jet Airways
    08 Jun 2019 19:55 hrs Mumbai (BOM) Dammam (DMM) 9W 564 2 Jet Airway
    I received message on phone the flight is cancelled. please call me on 0551424671 and let me know what is the status or what are the other alternatives. ASAP. or if you cannot arrange the flight refund the money immediately. so I can look for other options. I do not want to waste days of my planned vacation chasing your flight cancellations and rescheduling

  • Mohammed P. K.

    I do appreciate your advise it is really a stitch in time that saves nine, because it has educated me as to what to do whenever I want to book a flight to save me from spending huge amount of money on air fare. I will henceforth visit the airline office to get whichever information I may need regarding my trip.Once again thanks a lot for that awe-inspiring information.

  • Mary Ndungu


    My name is Mary.

    I request to talk to someone at the customer care desk

    All the telephone numbers you have provided are not going through.

    • Editor G

      Dear Mary Ndungu
      We have not shared any numbers on this page. If you are looking for any specific airline, please comment on that page which is dedicated for that airline.

  • john morgan

    i have tried to contact Turkish Airlines in dublin.on this phone number..01 directed by the Website…A message comes on to say that the number is no longer in use!!!..Can you please tell me how to make contactwith the Dublin office..Thank you..John Morgan

  • Marschhofer Karl

    Passagier Frau Mag. Irina LEBANIDZE , reserv. TK/TDTMQC/IS/LNYELV/
    ich habe für die Freundin unserer Familie im net bei Turk. Airl. buchen wollen , bin aber an my trip mit Sitz in Griechenland geraten. Ich werde 84 Jahre und bin am computer ein Anfänger. Ich habe Hin-und Rückflug plus Aufzahlungen für Terminänderung , Kofferaufgabe und Speisen gebucht. Es hat sehr schlecht funktioniert .
    Frau Lebanidze konnte bei Ihrem Büro in Tiflis das ticket NICHT erhalten, erst später hat sie das ticket bekommen. Essen war im Preis inbegriffen , habe ich also doppelt bezahlt. Die Griechen sind also keine guten Partner . Ich werde im Februar bei Turk. im net buchen, ich bitte um hilfreiche Anleitung dazu, ich bin Privatpilot und Vielflieger.
    Am Letzten des Juli hat Frau L. mit Ihrer Mutter per video telefoniert, einige Stunden ist Ihre Mutter bei der Operation (nicht billige OP , 3 stants) gestorben . Ich konnte nicht autofahren, grauer Star OP ). Frau L. ist am Steuer meines Autos überstürzt nach Wien Schwechat gefahren, um den Abendflug-Flug Wien Tiflis via Istanbul zu erreichen . Trotz meiner Aufzahlung für kostenlose Umbuchung musste ich am Schalter Flughafen Wien etwa € 195,– bezahlen. Das war in der Eile NICHT zu bklären !! Das kann am Abend passieren, aber versuchen wir es wieder gut zu machen, bitte . Danke, Bei meinen Reiseberichten kann ich das erwähnen .
    Frau Lebanidze will im Februar 2020 wieder zu uns kommen . Ich bitte hier eine grosszügige Lösung anzubieten. Tiflis -Wien oder auch via München Salzburg oder Linz . Ich wohne in Oberösterreich und habe nach München die gleiche Entfernung. Frau L. kennt aber nur den Flughafen Wien und die Bahn zu uns: Attnang – Puchheim. mein Tel. 0699 122 01234 , [email protected]

  • Pornchai Ravichutiwon

    Refer to PIR # SU404499 about my baggage loaded from ATH (SU2111 on 17DEC2019 transited to SU272 at Moscow, the baggage had been found broken and four Toblerone in 34-piece packs (14 Euro for two) had been lost at Suvannabummi Airport, Bangkok on 18DEC2019. I already reported this at the Airport on that day. I have been trying contacting the Airlines via various modes such email, direct calls at 023562998, 02251-0617-8, 0-2251-1223-5, 0-2254-1180-2 since 20DEC2019 but it always becomes unsuccessful. Up to now. I have not yet been responded. Please immediately take an action.

    Pornchai Ravichutiwon

  • Hashir A Khan or Hashir Ali Khan

    I Book my Saudi Airline ticket to fly on Jan 30th and return on Feb 10, 2020, through the Saudia Airline office in Saudi Arabia; they email me my Itinerary with my e-ticket number 0652122634174.
    This morning I went to the SAUDIA website “MANAGE BOOKING” use my e-ticket number 0652122634174 and print out my e-ticket and still no error message or cancellation notice my e-ticket valid.
    Saidia Airl line charges my American Express card with my name “HASHIR A KHAN.” on Jan 16, 2020.
    but when I call Saudi Airlines to find out language size, they told me my ticket had been canceled. Due to my name on my credit card, it does not match my full name on my passport.
    My name on my passport is “HASHIR AII KHAN,” and my name on my credit card is “HASHIR A KHAN.”

    There is the missing link between “MANAGE BOOKING and Saudia Airl line office

  • John Hayes

    Since Rodrigo Dutererte in Philippines has not allowed your flights to land in Cebu it seems impossible to talk to any one in your Adelaide office or Lai Lai agent. So as l, Ronald John Hayes & Fedelina Nadela Hayes have bought a ticket departing from Adelaide Air port 29 Feb 2020 & returning 28 March, 2020 we would like to know our ticket status. [email protected]

  • Marschhofer Karl

    VIE – Istanbul – Wien with 3* hotel down town , historic center, 3 0r 4 nights with breakfast end of march 2020

  • Rodoljub Popovic

    I want to buy one way ticket from Detroit, Michigan to Belgrade, Serbia, dates are flexible from May 15th to June 1st.
    Please advise, signed Rodoljub Popovic, Phone # 734-891-4869

  • abdeslam chellaoui

    chers publics nous vous conseillons d’eviter cette compagnie c’est une compagnie avec aucun service tout le staf bien rodé pour mentire et effacer vos reclamation avec tout mes respect sont que des malfaiteur et voleur

  • Stephen Heath

    my wife and I are in lockdown in Australia. The South African consulate informed me of a possible flight (repatriation) to South Africa. Can you please advise as to whether this is happening and if so please let me know what the cost for two persons would be and also whether your flight lands at Cape Town and or Johannesburg..

    Thank you
    Kindest regards.

    Stephen Heath

  • Seyed Jalil Sadri

    Hello there: I am looking for my family for cheapest ticket SFO to Tehran with three languages. How could I get one.
    second, I have already Turkish ticket one way to Tehran ( Oct 7/2020) I would like because of COVID 19 and Turkish Airlines schedule to Tehran, postpone it and make it as open ticket I use that any time I want. how could I do it. How it could be done? refund or new open date ticket for end of next year or more late?. My Ticket # is 235-1400663793 SEYED JALIL SADRI GHISAR please check and let me know what could be done,
    I look forward hearing you good news. I really kindly appreciate your kindness in advance and God bless you always.
    Seyed Jalil Sadri

  • masoud Azartash

    Hi There
    I would like to get a round ticket Tehran Los Angeles Tehran .Please let me know.
    flight from Tehran to Los Angeles : Dec 10 th 2020
    return from Los Angeles to Tehran : Jan 30 th 2021

  • Annalie van der Merwe

    Dear sir or madam

    I would like to purchase the offer that was launched as a black Friday special… Fly from Windhoek to Frankfurt for N$ 8 300 per person. 2 x baggage and free change of dates, fully flexible. if necessary. Sales period advertised: 27 Nov until 10 December. Offer is to fly between 30 March and 30 September.

  • John Steeples

    Booking a flight some people go long distance so we need have extra weight but when you booking a flight you can’t see any box give you that
    alternative this is what I’ve been looking for oazmis to manila 29/3/2021
    the reason I sent you this text is because I can’t see anywhere we can put weight on your bag and carrying 40 kg

    So can you give me the best price please also need to go on a boat

  • Norbert Dogley

    I would be please to know the price for an airfare from Seychelles to Dubai.
    Leaving Seychelles on the 9th June and return of the 14th June 2021.


    happy trip worldwide > the best experience in life which you can share to family and friends the magnificent scenario of the
    beautiful places around the world which you visited tourist spot and to buy a present as a gift ………………

  • Rob Broodman

    My wife has no first name in her passport. This is the case with Muslims in Indonesia where she was born. When booking a flight from Amsterdam via Jeda to Kuala Lumpur and vice versa, I can only book for myself, but not for my wife due to lack of the first name, because that field has to be filled in. Some airlines have a solution for this. So my question is what can I fill in so that your airline agrees?
    In her passport, her first name ( – – – ) has 3 dashes with 2 spaces, but no brackets.
    Flight on August 30 from Amsterdam via Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur and back on September 29 to Amstedam
    What to do?
    Sincerely, Rob Broodman
    email= [email protected]
    possibly via WatsApp +31617040605


    Hello i wish to travel cheap from France NANTES Or RENNES airport NOT FROM PARIS TO BLR INDIA

    20 NOV 22 AND BACK FROM KTM To DOHA 20 04 23 and back to FRANCE VIA IST AROUND 21 04 23



    [email protected]

  • Alice Maria WONG

    Hi, manager,

    My relative was suffered from terminal cancer;
    ** I want to travel from Melbourne Tullamarine airport to see them at

    This address:
    183 Woodsworth Road,
    Willowdale, North York,
    Toronto, Ontario M2L 213

    I saw you have an economy ticket, and special offer CAD155* starting 4 December 2022, ??promotion code??

    How much does it cost for one adult from Melbourne to Toronto, M2L, Ontario Canada? then back to Melbourne Australia – i.e. with a return ticket.
    Which month have the cheapest tickets (I saw the cheapest month will be February 2023 Fare $1430 with ??return??)

    Could you please check which economy class ticket with special offer such as CAD 155* you could offer me??
    I also have little hearing loss, wear hearing air; thus I use email to consult you rather than phone calls via mobile calls. Please reply by emails.

    Alice Maria WONG Email [email protected]