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Korean Air Hand | Carry on | Cabin Baggage allowance

How much cabin baggage can I take?

  • The maximum weight of hand luggage is 10kg.
  • The maximum dimension not exceed in 115cm(45in).
Cabin Class Pieces Weight
First/Prestige Class 2 bags 18kg(40lb)
Economy Class 1 bag + 1 personal item 10kg(22lb)

Personal item: One additional personal carry-on item such as laptop, briefcase, handbag is permitted for Economy Class. (Total weight of carry-on bag and additional allowance should not exceed 10kg(22lb))

Free baggage allowance for infants and children

  • Child: Same as adults + 1 foldable stroller + 1 car seat (or bassinet)
  • Infants: 1 foldable stroller + 1 car seat (or bassinet)

Korean Air Checked Baggage:

  • Korean Air provides one free baggage (23 kg) per Economy Class passenger.
  • The maximum dimension is not exceed 158cm/62in.

Morning Calm Club:

Additional 1 Piece: (32kg for First and Prestige classes, 23kg for Economy class, when flying economy on itineraries to or from Americas, additional 1 free baggage cannot be applied.)

Morning Calm Premium Club:

Additional 1 Piece(32kg for First and Prestige classes, 23kg for Economy class)

Million Miler Club:

Additional 1 Piece (32kg)

Korean Air Excess Baggage:

One additional personal carry-on item — laptop, briefcase, handbag — is permitted for Economy Class. (Total weight of carry-on bag and additional allowance should not exceed 12kg.)

First Prestige Class : 18 Kg/ 40 lb

Economy Class : 12 Kg/ 25 lb

*For more details visit https://www.koreanair.com/global/en/traveling/baggage-services.html

Cabin Class Free Baggage Allowance
First Class 3 bags, 32kg or less each
Prestige Class 2 bags, 32kg or less each
Economy Class 2 bags, 23kg or less each

Prepay for Baggage on Korean Air

Korean Air allows passengers the ability to prepay for luggage online or via the mobile app. The ways you can pre-pay:

  • To pay or refund for the excess baggage charges in advance, click here
  • Enter ‘USER ID / SKYPASS Number’.
  • Enter ‘Password’.
  • Select ‘Log in’.

Download and log in to the Korean Air app

What are the restricted items on Korean Air Hand Baggage?

1. MacBook Pro subject to battery recall:

  • MacBook Pro with battery fire hazard (Retina, 15-inch, mid 2015) that has not been recalled and repaired is prohibited from the aircraft (carry-on/check-in), and only carry-on is allowed in some countries/airports.

2. Liquids (Apply to international flights)

  • Liquids and gels such as food, beverages, cosmetics, sprays, creams, etc
  • Fire extinguishers, aerosols (insecticide, etc.), bleach and other items which can pose hazards to passengers and the aircraft..

What are the prohibited items from carriage as or in Checked Baggage?

  • Lithium batteries and lithium battery mobile power packs (like Charger Pal) not for personal uses are strictly prohibited from carriage (during flight).
  • Explosives
  • Combustible & non-combustible
  • Toxic & non-toxic gases, compressed gases
  • Lighters and matches
  • Oxidant and organic peroxides
  • Poisonous substances
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive or magnetized materials
  • Corrosive substances
  • Threatening or irritating substances

Prohibited and Restricted Items at the Airport

How to report for Delayed Bags, Damaged Bags / Lost Items?

Delayed or Lost Bags

Baggage delays are such as errors in the baggage handling system, delays in air traffic control, airport facilities, weather, and maintenance issues.

Damaged Bags

At check-in, checked baggage is assigned a unique number by the carrier before making its way through the airport conveyor system to the baggage handling area, where it is transported onto loading vehicles and finally loaded onto aircraft.
To damage in the transporting and loading process, which is managed by the carrier and its associated handling agent.

Lost Items

  • Lost items are kept at the Korean Air Lost and Found.
  • Lost items are limited to those found at Korean Air check-in counters, lounges or on flights.
  • Basic items are stored for 30 days before being discarded.
  • Passports, ID cards, items with personally identifiable information, cash, jewelry, valuables, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices are turned over to the airport police unit.

Lost and Found

  • Check the Korean Air Lost and Found for lost items that are in safekeeping.
  • Search for lost items by selecting the region, airport and date.


1. Can I bring liquid baby formula on a plane?

  • An appropriate amount of baby formula that is needed for travel is allowed in either carry-on or checked baggage.
  • For international flights departing from Korea, baby formula and items for children 6 years of age or younger (e.g., milk, water, juice, liquid/gel food items, wet wipes, etc.) are allowed in reasonable quantities in a carry-on bag.

2. What items are allowed as carry-on?

  • The following items must be transported in checked baggage – Swords, spears, sporting goods, all types of firearms, martial arts and self-defense items, work tools, etc.
  • The following items can be carried on board in small quantities – Liquids, gels, personal medication, MacBook Pro subject to battery recall, etc.

3. Can I exchange/return duty-free items purchased on board?

  • If the duty-free items purchased on board have problems, you can return the items for an exchange or refund within 20 days from the date of receipt.
  • To exchange or request a refund for duty-free items, please contact the following: Within Korea: 080-656-4545 (Free) / Overseas: +82-32-202-5288 (Business hours: 08:30 – 17:30 KST)
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • If you request by e-mail or the SKY SHOP website, please include the product name, your name, contact number, and email address.

4.What if I need to check additional bags?

Additional bags can be purchased for most routes, but fees can add up to $200 per bag. You can purchase additional baggage when you arrive at the airport, at the gate, or online ahead of time, that some routes may not allow passengers to check more than three or four bags.

List of Korean Air Offices

Click the above link to view Korean Air offices Phone number, Address, Working hours and Customer Care Contact Numbers Worldwide.

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  • Heeyoung Jeon

    Our colleague Sootak Kang, which is came to prague 02.05.2018 from Korea,
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    So we got some contact number to get the service.

    Actually i tried to call them few times, but i cannot talk with them.

    1. Could you please send me the contact number again?
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    I am traveling from london to sydney in mid may with korean airways and i am bringing back some Antique firearms,can i get the
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    Hello. Iam flying from Sydney to Prague on 21st of August. If I want to pay for extra luggage is it the same price when I do it at the airport or can I do it online before I fly?