LATAM Airlines – LATAM Pass: How to register/login the pass, Service fees, Earn miles, redeem, Elite benefits?

LATAM Airlines - Latam Pass

Latam Pass


LATAM Pass is the frequent flyer program at LATAM Airlines. It rewards the loyalty of its customers with exclusive benefits.

Benefits of Latam Pass

  • Using Latam Pass, you’ll be able to earn LATAM Pass Miles or Points to redeem for tickets, hotel stays, products through the RewardsWeb platform and much more.
  • You can also get exclusive benefits for a premium experience when traveling with LATAM.

How to register for Latam Pass?

How to register for Latam Pass

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Country name
  3. Enter your name, gender
  4. Enter valid email/password
  5. Enter your Passport Number
  6. Enter Mobile number
  7. “Create an Account”

How to login your LATAM Pass Account?

How to login too your LATAM Pass Account

Fees for LATAM Pass Service

When redeeming your LATAM Pass tickets at Latam Contact Center or sales offices, service charges are in addition to boarding fees and taxes, and vary depending on the flight.

For flights from US Contact Center or Offices On LATAM Website
Between North America and South America US$ 50 No service Charge
Other destinations US$ 30 No service Charge

How can you Earn LATAM Pass Miles when flying with LATAM Airlines?

You may earn miles while flying through LATAM Airlines, that allow you to redeem tickets to destinations around the world. The miles you accumulate will be calculated by a destination multiplier -depending on whether they are domestic flights, regional flights or the rest of international flights associated with your Elite member category, plus the amount of dollars you spent on your ticket, less fees, taxes and additional services.


How to make changes on Fees and get refunds through LATAM Pass?

  •  You must contact through Latam Airlines Contact Center, if you want to make any changes (or) refunds of your tickets redeemed subjected to the redeemed fare .

When you can change / refund your LATAM Pass tickets?

  1. Ticket hasn’t been used / expired yet.
  2. If request is made prior to the flight departure time.
  3. LATAM Pass Miles are still valid to be redeemed.
  4. There is an additional fee for the any differences in the fare.
  5. Before the flight date, Cabin Upgrade with miles refund must be request.
  6. For commercial fare refunds, the regulation of the fare paid applies.
  7. Only the miles redeemed that are still valid will be returned.

How to get refund of tickets through Latam pass?

  • Please contact Latam Airlines Contact Center, after the refund has been processed, valid miles will be returned to your LATAM Pass account.

What is LATAM Pass Club?

Latam pass Club has 2 subscription plans “Basic” and “Prime”, which allows you to obtain special benefits and earn miles every month, so you can redeem them for tickets, products and hotel stays. You may add “Boosters” to increase the benefits provided by the subscription plan you choose.

Where you can get Club LATAM Pass?

  • Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Colombia.

How long does LATAM Pass Club benefits valid?

  • All the benefits of the subscription will be active and valid as long as the member is up to date with the payment of the subscription.
  • If the member did not make use of their benefits and ended their subscription, they will not be able to make retroactive use of these benefits.
  • Mileage gift card in the catalog, each coupon can be used once a calendar year, from the date of subscription to the club, as long as they are up to date with the payment of their subscription.

Download digital LATAM Pass member card

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