List of Airports in Afghanistan

View the List of Airports in Afghanistan Address, Phone number, Email And Website through the below table.

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Check the below table to view the list of airports in Afghanistan and the contact details such as address, phone, email, website, services/facilities and more.

Andkhoy (andkhoi)Andkhoi AirportAndkhoi, Afghanistan
BagramBagram Air BaseW7wc+6fg, Bagram, Afghanistan
BamyanBamyan AirportRr7h+46x, Bamyan, Afghanistan
Baraki BarakForward Operating Base ShankW3qc+3r7, Padkhvab-e Shaneh, Afghanistan
ChaghcharanChaghcharan AirportAfghanistan
DarwazDarwaz Airport
FarahFarah Airport95f5+2rr, Afghanistan
FayzabadFayzabad AirportFayzabad, Afghanistan
GardezGardez AirportJ6gp+wq9, Gardez, Afghanistan
Ghaziabad Ghaziabad AirportGhaziabad, Afghanistan
GhazniGhazni AirportGcj6+7w6, Afghanistan
Girishk (gereshk)Camp Shorabak (camp Bastion)R6xf+c8v, Shorawak, Afghanistan
HeratHerat International Airport667g+894, Guzara, Afghanistan
Ishkashim (eshkashem)Eshkashem AirportPhjw+rph, Eshkashem, Tajikistan
JalalabadJalalabad Airport Cf3x+7fv, Jalalabad, Afghanistan
KabulHamid Karzai International AirportKabul, Afghanistan
KandaharKandahar International AirportGv22+w79, Airport Road, Afghanistan
Khas UruzganUruzgan Airport
KhostKhost Airport8xp6+g2q, Khowst, Afghanistan
KhostForward Operating Base SalernoKhost, Afghanistan
KhwahanKhwahan AirportV6r3+vg2, Khwahan Ave, Khwahan, Afghanistan
KunduzKunduz AirportMw86+vj9, Kunduz, Afghanistan
Kuran Wa MunjanRazer AirportKuran Wa Munjan, Afghanistan
Lashkar Gah (bost)Dwyer AirportLashkar Gah, Afghanistan
LashkargahBost AirportH957+wwv, Lashkar Gah, Afghanistan
MaymanaMaymana AirportWqg8+7p3, Maymana, Afghanistan
Mazar-i-sharifMazar-i-sharif International AirportP655+jfc, Mazar-i-sharif, Afghanistan
MuqurMuqur AirportVrhx+v6m, Moqor, Afghanistan
NiliNili AirportP5r5+738, Nili, Afghanistan
PanjabPanjab Airport
Qala I NawQala I Naw AirportA76, Qaleh-ye Now, Afghanistan
QalatQalat Airport 4wp2+q7r, Qal-t-e -ilzay, Afghanistan
Sardeh BandSardeh Band Airport8j9p+w9p, Sardeh Band (bande Sardeh), Afghanistan
SharanaSharana Airstrip4rcv+p6g, Sharan, Afghanistan
SheberghanSheberghan AirfieldQw26+xx2, Eraghli Naw, Afghanistan
Shighnan (sheghnan)Sheghnan AirportShighnan, Afghanistan
ShindandShindand Air BaseSabzwar, Afghanistan
TaloqanTaloqan AirportTaleqan, Afghanistan
Tarinkot (tarin Kowt)Tarinkot Airport Jv38+m8g, Tirin Kut, Afghanistan
TaywaraTaywara Airport Taywara, Afghanistan
UrgunUrgun Airport
Yangi QalehYangi Qaleh AirportYangi Qaleh, Afghanistan
YawanYawan Airport
ZaranjZaranj AirportXv88+w77, Zaranj, Afghanistan

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