List of FLYONE Airlines Offices

FLYONE the year 2016 is a landmark in aviation in the Republic of Moldova. It is FLYONE’s launch year.

Conceived in September 2015, with experienced specialists in the field for many years, FLYONE has a hundred percent private capital and mainly deals with passenger transport.

Thus, FLYONE has come to the market with a safe, comfortable and affordable flight alternative to the most important destinations in Europe and Russia, provided by the operational, technical and financial-commercial personnel.



List of FLYONE Airlines Offices

View the List of FLYONE Airlines Offices Address, Phone, Email, City, and Website through the below table

Airlines NameCityCountryAddressEmail
Mona Tours LtdRishonIsrael
13 Hagana St., Rishon[email protected]
AerluxCalarasiMoldovaBd. Stefan Cel Mare, 20[email protected]
AerluxAerlux, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Dacia, 26[email protected]
Aeroport HandlingAeroport Handling, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Dacia 80/3, Aeroport[email protected]
Aerotour MoldovaAerotour, ChisinauMoldovaBl. Stefan Cel Mare, 3[email protected]
Air ServiceAir Service, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Stefan Cel Mare, 3[email protected]
Airport AgencyTiraspol (opposite The Hotel russia)Moldova116, 25 October Str., Tiraspol (opposite The Hotel russia")"[email protected]
Amadeus TravelAmadeus Travel, ChisinauMoldovaStr. A.puskin, 24[email protected]
Amadeus TravelBd. Moscovei, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Moscovei, 5[email protected]
Aron GrupAron Grup, ChisinauMoldovaStr. Columna 103[email protected]
AviaserviceVoronejRussian FederationVoronezh, Voronezhskaya Oblast, Russia, 396023[email protected]
Aviation Companies AgencyBenderMoldovaStr. Lenina, 22[email protected]
Aviation Companies AgencyRibnitsaMoldovaSc. Victory,1[email protected]
Aviation Companies AgencyAviation Companies Agency, TiraspolMoldovaStr. 25 October, 92[email protected]
Aviation Companies AgencyStr. Odessa, TiraspolMoldovaStr. Odessa, 143[email protected]
Aviation Companies AgencyTiraspolMoldovaStr. Odessa, 145[email protected]
Avigo TravelAvigo Travel, ChisinauMoldovaStr. Alexandru Cel Bun 62[email protected]
Aydan-comAydan-com, ChisinauMoldovaBl. C.negruzzi, 5, Of 2[email protected]
Belavia FranceRoissy-en-franceFrance95700 Roissy-en-france Terminal 2e[email protected]
Capital TourBriceniMoldovaStr. Independentei, 1[email protected]
Capital TourCapital Tour, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Decebal, 91[email protected]
Damla TourDamla Tour, Ceadir-lungaMoldovaStr. Lenin, 86/4[email protected]
Damla TourDamla Tour, ChisinauMoldovaStr. Columna, 89[email protected]
Damla TourDamla Tour, ComratMoldovaStr. Lenin, 191[email protected]
Damla TourStr. Lenina, TiraspolMoldovaStr. Lenina, 44[email protected]
Europe Travel GroupParisFrance11 Avenue Stephane Mallarme 75017[email protected]
Flight 24 ParmaParmaItalyVia Licinio Ferretti, 50a, 43126 Parma Pr, Italy[email protected]
Flight 24 ParmaParma PrItalyVia Licinio Ferretti, 50a, 43126 Parma Pr, Italy[email protected]
Flight 24 VeronaVeronaItaly37122 Vicolo Volto Cittadella 8a[email protected]
Flight 24 VeronaValerio Catullo Airport, VeronaItalyValerio Catullo Airport 37066, Caselle Di Sommacampagna (vr)[email protected]
FlyoneChisinau International AirportMoldova
Airline Representative Office In The Chisinau International Airport: Arrival Hall, Office 26[email protected]
Flyone UK LtdLutonUnited KingdomAirport Way, Luton Lu2 9ly, UK[email protected]
Gama AviaGama Avia, ChisinauMoldovaStr. A.puskin, 52[email protected]
Gama AviaGama Avia, OrheiMoldovaStr. Vasile Lupu, 25/12[email protected]
Gigant Service AviaGigant Service Avia, BaltiMoldovaStr. Stefan Cel Mare, 6/2[email protected]
Gigant Service AviaEdinetMoldovaStr. Independen-ei, 76/3[email protected]
Grand VoyageGrand Voyage, ChisinauMoldovaStr. 31 August 1989 , 58[email protected]
Great Galaxy TravelpGreat Galaxy Travelp, LisbonPortugalAv. De Roma 115a[email protected]
Group Of Companies MaximaMoscowRussian FederationRussia, 142015, Moscow Region, Domodedovo District, Domodedovo Airport, Ticket Office No. 94[email protected]
Group Of Companies MaximaReysovaya UlitsaRussian Federation2-Ya Reysovaya Ulitsa, 2 building 5[email protected]
Group of Companies Maxima(LLC Agency M-X-M)Group of Companies Maxima, MoscowRussian Federation2-Ya Reysovaya Ulitsa, 2 building 5[email protected]
Holiday ServiceChisinau (Holiday Service)MoldovaStr. Puschin, 35[email protected]
I.M Intercangal S.R.LI.M Intercangal, ChisinauMoldovaBl. C. Negruzzi, 5[email protected]
Las PalmasLas Palmas, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Moscovei, 8/a[email protected]
Las PalmasOrheiMoldovaStr. V. Lupu, 21/b[email protected]
Lisbon Humberto Delgado AirportLisbonPortugalAlameda Das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa[email protected]
Lvandco Tur SrlComratMoldovaStr. Tretiacova, 22 Of.10[email protected]
Mr. TravelMr. Travel, ChisinauMoldovaBd. C. Negruzi, 5[email protected]
My TravelMy Travel, ChisinauMoldovaBl. C.negruzzi, 5[email protected]
My TravelStr. A.puskin, ChisinauMoldovaStr. A.puskin, 13[email protected]
Oas-aviation Serevice InhFrankfurtGermanyAirport Hahn,termin 1 Schalter 23taunusstasse 38,60329 Frankfurt[email protected]
Racurs GrupRacurs Grup, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Stefan Cel Mare Si Sfant 69[email protected]
RobinsonRobinson, ChisinauMoldovaStr. Puschin, 43[email protected]
San Air ServiceCopceacMoldovaStr. Sovetskaia, 1[email protected]
Sanair ServiceBaltiMoldovaStr. Stefan Cel Mare, 6/3[email protected]
Sanair ServiceCahulMoldovaStr. A.mateevici, 8[email protected]
Sanair ServicCeadir-lungaMoldovaStr. Lenina, 105[email protected]
Sanair ServiceSanair Service, ChisinauMoldovaStr. V.alecsandri, 91[email protected]
Sanair ServiceSanair Service, ComratMoldovaStr. Lenina, 184[email protected]
Sanair ServiceSanair Service, FlorestiMoldovaStr. -tefan Cel Mare, 2[email protected]
Sanair ServiceTaracliaMoldovaStr. Lenina, 143/5[email protected]
Sanair ServiceUngheniMoldovaStr. Nationala, 17[email protected]
Sanair ServiceVulcanestiMoldovaStr. Frunze, 2[email protected]
SkylineSkyline, ChisinauMoldovaBl. C. Negruzzi, 8, Of. 21 A[email protected]
Slavion TravelSlavion Travel, ChisinauMoldovaBl. Stefan Cel Mare, 202[email protected]
Solei-turism (, ChisinauMoldovaBd. C. Negruzzi, 5, Of. 89[email protected]
Solei-turism ( (, ChisinauMoldovaBd. Decebal, 64[email protected]
SuperkassaSuperkassa, Saint PetersburgRussia
Pulkovskoe Highway, 41, Lit. 3a Pulkovo Airport, 3rd Floor Of The Main Building[email protected]
Toco TourToco Tour, ChisinauMoldovaStr. M. Varlaam, 69[email protected]
Transenca-turTransenca-tur, ChisinauMoldovaBl. C.negruzzi, 4/2[email protected]
Valentina-turDrochiaMoldovaStr. 31 August, 33[email protected]
Valentina-turFlorestiMoldovaStr. 31 August, 56[email protected]
Valentina-turOcni-aMoldovaStr. Mihai Viteazul 72[email protected]
Valentina-turOtaciMoldovaStr. Prieteniei 54[email protected]
Valentina-turRiscaniMoldovaStr. Independentei 10a[email protected]
Valentina-turValentina-tur, SorocaMoldovaStr. Stefan Cel Mare, 11a[email protected]
Valentina-turSorocaMoldovaStr. Independentei, 18[email protected]
Virtrans TurPulkovoRussian FederationPulkovo The Road, 41, Lit.a , Airport Pulkovo, Of. 2017, 196189[email protected]
Virtrans TurVirtrans Tur, Saint PetersburgRussian FederationUlitsa Babushkina, 48 Saint Petersburg[email protected]
Virtrans TurSaint PetersburgRussian FederationPulkovo The Road, 41, Lit.a , Airport Pulkovo, Of. 19, 196189[email protected]
Voiaj InternationalVoiaj International, Balti
MoldovaStr. Hotin, 26/1[email protected]
Voiaj InternationalVoiaj International, ChisinauMoldovaBl. C. Negruzzi, 4/2[email protected], ChisinauMoldovaStr. 31 August 1989, 64[email protected]
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