Uni Air Baggage Allowance

UNI Air is a regional airline based in Zhongshan, Taipei, Taiwan. With an operation focus on domestic routes, UNI Air is a subsidiary of Evergreen Group, making it a sister airline of the mainline operator EVA Air. It was known as Makung Airlines until 1996, when EVA Air took a majority share of the airline. In 1998, the airline merged with Great China Airlines and Taiwan Airways, which EVA Air also had interests in, to form UNI Airways (UNI Air).

Uni Air Carry-On Baggage

  • The baggage weight shall not exceed 7 kg
  • Its dimensions shall be limited to L: 56cm x W: 36cm x H: 23cm.

Uni Air Checked Baggage

  • Business/Premium Laurel/Royal Laurel class:each baggage shall not exceed 32 kg(70 lb).
  • Premium Economy Class:each baggage shall not exceed 28 kg(62 lb).
  • Economy class:each baggage shall not exceed 23 kg(50 lb).

Uni Air Excess Baggage

  • Excess baggage fee shall be charged according to the baggage exceeds rate.

For more details, visit https://www.uniair.com.tw/rwd/CMS/service/luggage_information

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