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How much Wizz Air Checked baggage can you take?

  • Size: 149 x 119 x 171 cm* (*Up to 6 checked bags/passenger)

NOTE: Size allowance does not include bag handles/ wheels; however, wheels must add no more than 5 cm to the size of the bag.

What are the Checked-in bag types in Wizz Air?

You can check in up to 6 pieces of checked-in luggage. Other combination of checked-in bags is not possible to purchase online. Free of charge for 1 pushchair / foldable baby stroller can be checked in for each small child.

Maximum Weight Allowance

  • 10 kg – 1 bag
  • 20 kg – 6 bags
  • 26 kg – 6 bags
  • 32 kg – 6 bags

Airlines Baggage

Cost for Wizz Air Checked Baggage

The cost of depends on the season of travel and where you purchase your allowance (online/ call centre or at the airport).

Baggage weight  Cost ranges from
20 kg €8-95
32 kg €14 – €119.50
Baggage Weight Booking Method Low Season Price Peak Season Price
10 kilograms Online or Call Center 9 to 47€ 13 to 57€
20 kilograms Online or Call Center 15 to 67€ 21 to 83€
20 kilograms At Airport 55€ Depends on Exact Flight
32 kilograms Online or Call Center 21 to 89€ 30 to 109€
32 kilograms At Airport 110€ Depends on Exact Flight

When purchasing online, customers may only check in one type of allowance (up to maximum of 6x20kg or 6x32kg). No other combinations are permitted. You can also check one 10 kg bag into the hold, with prices starting at €5.00.

What items are not to carry on your checked-in baggage on Wizz Air?

Some airports may have further restrictions on items that can be carried in the hand luggage and/or in the checked-in baggage. In such cases, the airport’s regulations prevail.

WIZZ cannot be liable for any loss, damage or delay, if the checked-in baggage contains any of the below,

  • cash, securities
  • jewellery, precious metal, precious and semi-precious stones
  • computers, cameras, video cameras, mobile phones or other electronic appliances and their accessories
  • official, business or private documents
  • travel or other identity documents
  • keys
  • liquid
  • medicine
  • pieces of art and fine art
  • perishable items

Restricted items to bring on board if they are:

Any items specified in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations. If you’ve packed any of these items, Wizz Air may not be able to check in your baggage. Wizz Air not be responsible for any associated cost.

  • Endanger the aircraft, persons or property
  • Damaged during transportation by air
  • unsuitably packed items
  • likely to cause discomfort or disgust to those on board
  • firearms, ammunition and explosives including weapons of hunting or sporting purposes
  • any items or substance that looks like a firearm, ammunition or explosive
  • flammable substance (except: alcoholic beverages, hair spray, perfume, cologne)
  • radioactive materials
  • condensed gas (except: CO2 used for moving artificial limbs; containers of inflammable gas used for self-inflating lifejackets);
    poisonous or infectious substances
  • corrosives (except: mercury in thermometers, barometers and in wheelchair batteries)
  • briefcases and security type attaché cases with built-in alarm devices, lithium batteries or pyrotechnical material
  • items and materials that endanger safety, property, life, health and bodily integrity of those on board
  • any item that is not suitable for carriage because of its weight, size or any other characteristics
  • remains of human bodies
  • any glue or paint

Prohibited and Restricted Items at the Airport

For more details visit: https://wizzair.com/baggage/baggage-information

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Wizz Air Hand|Cabin Baggage

Wizz Air Excess Baggage


1. What are the Maximum Dimensions of the object carry with you buying extra seat?

  • Maximum sizes of the item carried when buying an extra seat option: 66x44x75 or 18x48x117 cm.
  • Exact size depends on the shape (prism, conic, cylinder, elliptical). You can always confirm the size accepted by contacting our call center agents.

2. How to get a refund on Wizz Air unused checked baggage fee?

  • No. Baggage fee not be refunded.

3. Did Checked-in Baggage included in the price of travel flight?

  • Wizz Air basic fare excludes any checked-in bags, but both WIZZ GO and WIZZ Plus fares have checked-in baggage included in the price of your flight.

4. If your baggage is damaged during the journey, what to do?

  • Make a damage report when you arrive before leaving the transit area. Repair your baggage and obtain a receipt. Wizz Air will cover the costs of the repair against this receipt.
  • If your baggage is beyond repair, ask for a written confirmation from the repair shop, which includes the type and value of your baggage. A letter with instructions when reporting the issue at the airport.

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