Zurich Airport (Zurich-Kloten Airport) Address / Phone / Email in Zurich / Kloten, Switzerland 3

Zurich Airport (Zurich-Kloten Airport) Address, Phone number, Email, Location in Zurich / Kloten, Switzerland


Zurich Airport (Zurich-Kloten Airport), Flughafen Zurich AG
P.O. Box
8058 Zurich Airport

Working hours

Phone: 41 43 816 22 11

Email: [email protected]

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Zurich Airport (Zurich-Kloten Airport) Website: https://www.zurich-airport.com/

Zurich Airport (Zurich-Kloten Airport) IATA code: ZRH

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3 thoughts on “Zurich Airport (Zurich-Kloten Airport) Address / Phone / Email in Zurich / Kloten, Switzerland

  • Frederick Shaw

    I would like to thank all the people who provided the assistance for me at Zurich airport. I was travelling to Manchester on flight LX380. The service wa# first class.


    I travelled to Zurich on 19th October 2022 from Chicago on a United-SWISS Flight..I was at Boarding gate 57…I left (forgot)an Orange coloured long(A4 size)notebook at the Boarding gate.I travelled further from Zurich to Mumbai by SWISS-United Airlines
    I was writing a travelogue everyday since 23rd September in that book….
    It is important that I get the same.
    I will be obliged if you could find it & post it to me..

  • Graham Ross

    I was at the Zurich airport on September 10 2023 and found some money
    for some it would be a large amount, for some, not so much
    I am trying to get it back to the person who lost it