Earn Bonus Miles on flights to the US

Earn Bonus Miles on flights to the US

Fly to United States from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka and earn 10,000 Miles in Economy Class and 15,000 Miles in First Class and Business Class.

There’s something to suit all tastes waiting for visitors when you step off flights to the United States, from metropolises like New York City and Los Angeles to natural attractions including the Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, and Mississippi River.

 Terms and conditions

  • The Emirates Skywards ‘West Asia to US Bonus Miles Offer 2017’ promotion is open to all Skywards members who:
    • Are residents in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.
    • Are Emirates Skywards members, or who become a member by 30 April 2017.
    • Purchase and complete issuance of a return ticket on eligible flights operated and marketed by Emirates between 21 March and 30 April 2017, as per the ‘Date of Issue’ on the e-ticket receipt. Tickets issued on the Special fare brand are excluded from the offer.
    • Complete travel between 27 March and 23 June 2017.
    • Have registered for the promotion before travel commences. Skysurfers can register only with consent from their Parent/Guardian. Please contact the Emirates Contact Centre.
  • An Emirates Skywards member who, at the discretion of Emirates Skywards, satisfies the conditions set out in clause one, will be awarded bonus Skywards Miles in addition to Skywards Miles normally earned in respect of the flight.
  • 10,000 Skywards Miles will be credited upon completion of the journey in Economy Class, 15,000 Miles upon completion of the journey in Business Class and First Class for travel to all Emirates operated and marketed destinations in United States.
  • One way journeys will earn half the amount of bonus Miles.
  • To qualify for the promotion, the journey must originate from any of the following airports: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, Kochi, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Multan, Peshawar, Colombo, and Dhaka.
  • Tickets purchased under Cash plus Miles are not eligible for the bonus.
  • If a member has registered for two or more Skywards promotions and has flown on a flight that qualifies for bonus Miles under each promotion, only the higher of the two eligible bonuses will be earned. This does not apply to the First Flight Bonus which is applied mandatorily.
  • Bonuses apply as per the original ticketed class, excluding any subsequent reward or complimentary upgrades, or other changes.
  • Bonus Miles are applicable on both, return and one-way journeys.
  • The Skywards member will be notified of the mileage credit in their membership statements or they can view their mileage online at emirates.com.
  • Any tickets ineligible for normal Skywards Miles accrual are also excluded from earning bonus Miles. These are detailed in Skywards’ terms and conditions.
  • Skywards members must adhere to the Skywards Programme Rules in order to remain eligible for the mileage credit.

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