Lufthansa Aiport Office in Vancouver, Canada 13

About Lufthansa:
Lufthansa was founded on 1953 and commenced operations on 1955. Lufthansa is the largest German airline and, when combined with its subsidiaries, also the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of passengers carried and fleet size. Lufthansa operates services to 18 domestic destinations and 197 international destinations in 78 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, using a fleet of more than 260 aircraft.

Lufthansa Vancouver Aiport Office Address:
Vancouver, Canada

Lufthansa Reservation office telephone contact numbers:
Fax: (604) 303-3087

Working hours
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15
13:15 – 17:15


Official website: http://

Lufthansa Online Check-in: check-in

Check your flight status here:

Lufthansa baggage services telephone contact numbers:

For baggage inquiries : Lufthansa baggage inquiries

Baggage lost and found:

If you click the above link, a form will be opened. Fill and send that form.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Address: Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft
D-60546 Frankfurt/Main

Fax: 0049 (0)69 690 55171

Near-by Airports:

Near-by cities:

Attractions in Vancouver:

Types of Planes / Air craft available with Lufthansa

Total fleet: 268

  • Airbus A319-100
  • Airbus A320-200
  • Airbus A320neo
  • Airbus A321-100
  • Airbus A321-200
  • Airbus A321neo
  • Airbus A330-300
  • Airbus A340-300
  • Airbus A340-600
  • Airbus A350-900
  • Airbus A380-800
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 747-8I
  • Boeing 777-9
Queries handled by Lufthansa Customer care:
Flight Ticket Booking, Ticket Ticket Cancellation, Flight Ticket Rescheduling, Ok to Board, Visa Services, Online Check-in, Baggage Allowance, Duty Free Allowance, Flight Information, Airport Lounges, Visa Information, In-Flight Meals, Airport Transfers, Missing Luggage, Immigration Services, Valet Parking, Meet and Greet, Flight Wifi, Airport Wifi, In-Flight Entertainment, Airport Facilities, Delayed Flights, Visa on Arrival, First Class, Business Class, Economy Class, Miles & More

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13 thoughts on “Lufthansa Aiport Office in Vancouver, Canada

  • Ray Ojansivu

    My 77 year old father was a frequent flyer with Lufthansa when he had his own business. He still remembers and talks about his travels to Europe. Lufthansa is the best. He is planning a trip to Europe summer 2018 to visit his old business friends.
    He has had Lufthansa pens untill now. The last one ran out of ink.
    Would it be at all possible to send him a new pen..or 2?
    Ray Ojansivu
    P.o.Box 47526
    Coquitlam, BC V3K 6T3 Canada

  • Mohammadali Mozaffarian

    Hi there,

    We are a family of 4 that travelled with flight LH492 in Aug. 05, 2018 at 13:30 from Frankfurt to Vancouver.
    Prior to the flight, In July 22, we have reserved 4 preferred seats online with the cost of C$65 for each. But I’m wondering why my visa card have been charged 7 times, including 3 times for C$51.78 and 4 times for C$102.
    Our reservation was as below:
    Mohammadali Mozaffarian Res. No: SMTRAV
    Maryam Ardakani Zadegan and Saman Mozaffarian Res. No: SMU6HD
    Yasamin Mozaffarian Res. No: PIUAVY
    Please check the payment and refund the extra to my account. Also contact me if you need more information.

  • Mohee Mataji

    On my return flight back from Tehran to Frankfurt and to Vancouver (LH601) on April 23th at IKA airport in Tehran , The pilot refused me just on basis of my disability and not travelling with an attendant and his concern was my safety ! and he did not consider that it was my return flight and 11th flight with Lufthansa by myself . I managed to find a passenger as my attendant but he refused me again .Disappointed and humiliated in the eyes of my family and passengers , I missed my flight . They asked an approval from their accredited doctor who charged me huge amount of money ( 3000.000. Rls ) and Lufthansa charged me extra $ 300.00 for re-booking !
    After flying back by myself I filed a complain and asked for formal apology and compensation for being discriminated for my disability and and an arbitrary and unprofessional decision made by flight crew. Why they did not consider my safety on those previous flights ?
    Any way , Now the deadline is over and I have to take this serious breach of my right to media and court and human right tribunal .

  • William Christiansen

    On July 18, my lufthansa flight 0476 arrived at YVR from Munich at 4:45 pm. During the course of the flight my small pack was open and some items fell out. Now I am missing a photo album which may have been left on flight 476. the pictures contain a young mother and father with their newborn and 3yr old boy and other baby and family pictures. This was a gift from my son in austria and it may have been left under my seat 046C or close by, Thank you- William Christiansen

  • Dr Mozaffar Rostampour

    I hope the followigs will receive the attention of LH Customer Service.
    Although I approached LH to change my existing return flight booking code (S8CSXZ) which is on 1st October 2021 to a later date, LH did not make any changes and didn’t issue a new ticket. Due to a change of plan and since no other booking was made and no ticket issued, I decided to use the original booking available for 1st October 2021.

    I called LH on 9 September 2021 to confirm my a.m. flight and talked to an agent who introduced himself as Nick requesting him to give me a confirmation of my original booking, after more than two hours of being on hold I was asked to pay over $800 CAD to keep my original booking for 1st October 2021. I was very frustrated, and frankly was astonished about the offer and refused to accept. I was then put on hold more than 3 times, finally, was told all is well and will be receiving the booking confirmation.

    Unfortunately, 3 days have gone by and no confirmation received. Being a Frequent Flyer LH 9920 0993 8051 001, would, therefore, kindly ask you to confirm my original booking as soon as possible.

    Thanking you for your kind attention.

  • Susan

    Hi Lufthansa team why does it take 4 months to get refund for a stroller that Lufthansa damaged? When the yvr airport lufthansa staff @Termeh ataollahi saw the damage approved it and after 4 months your customer relations team emails me saying I should have claimed it at the airport sorry we can’t do anything? Can your staff not read emails? see attachments? Or communicate with each other? Or is this a part of making people run around? It’s quite disappointing. IN CASE YOUR TEAM DECIDES TO LOOK INTO THIS FOR ME YOUR LUFTHANSA FB ID 35243307

  • Alberto Baldelli

    I have left a photocamera Sony 6000 in the flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver the past January 8th 2022. I have contacted everyone and, after 10 days, I still did not get any reply from anywhere. What should I do? It must be in Vancouver if I lost in on a flying landing there, am I right?
    Thank you so much,

  • Dave ede

    I was on your website yesterday January 23rd 2022 in the evening and trying to book a ticket to Nigeria. Suddenly, a number pooped upas Lufthansa airline booking desk. I called the number 18787773174. A guy who identified himself as Jerome Hudson spoke very kindly to me. He offered to assist me get a ticket. He was very nice and appeared to be ready to assist.
    He eventually gave me a ticket for 1550.
    He asked me to pay and I was actually going to get my credit card but on a second thought asked if he could get me a better deal. This was the beginning of the whole suspicion. He told me politely no. He then placed me on hold to discuss with his supervisor. Upon return, he asked me how far the airport was from my house and I said 45mins drive. I added I wasn’t ready for the drive at the time because it was late in the night.
    He then told me i needed to buy air Canada or Lufthansa gift card to the value of 800canadian dollars the he will load to pay part of my ticket and I will pay the balance $750canadian with my debit or credit card.
    Since I wasn’t going to airport at that time, he wanted me go to any store to purchase the gift card. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea too . He then told me ge was reserving the ticket for up to today before 4pm. This is to enable me buy the gift cards. He gave his extension number as 3236. Insisting I insist on talking to him.
    Today January 24th, he called me and requested I go to circle k,722 Safeway sale outlet to buy the card. I found air Canada card but he insisted on only sephora and Lufthansa air gift card.
    I want to verify if this phone number above and the staff is an outlet is your staff. One Jason of the same office is your staf please.
    This is very pertinent to put and to fraudulent elements rubbishing your hard end name please.

  • Josiane Meili

    Extremely disappointed with Lufthansa. First it’s almost impossible to contact you and then you want to charge $164 to reserve two seat on a premium economy. Sad

  • Elsa Hansen

    I would like the address for the Lufthansa office in Vancouver BC. I have a thank you letter made out to two star employees, Rai Charna and Misong Kim, who helped us out on 1/1/22 after their shifts were over. They (especially Rai Charna) stayed and helped us. It took us 3 days to get from Denmark back to Portland, Oregon. We got stranded in YVR and without their help we would not have made it back. Please inform me about the appropriate mailing address. Thank you.

  • Kendra Floren

    My baggage did not make the connector flight and I have not been able to contact the baggage delay number all day. It keeps being busy and not allowing me to even wait on hold, I just need to get in contact with someone about my luggage please

  • Kelty McLoughlin

    My flight from Munich to Vancouver on May 12th 2022 had an issue with the baggage not making it on after my connecting flight from Naples ran late. Generally this is an easy fix but when alerted by this via text, we were not given a reference number and now cannot contact Lufthansa about returning our luggage. I have tried calling the office all day and have yet to reach them due to the line being busy and there being no way to stay on hold.