Thai Airways – CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19) Travel updates

Due to the novel CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19), many countries restricted the travel. Update your contact details via Manage booking to receive the latest updates or notifications regarding coronavirus or any updates in Thai Airways. Customers can also check the website for the latest flight updates, rebooking and refund options.

Thai Airways – cancelled and changed flights due to CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19)

Foreign nationals:

  • Passengers needs to present a health certification at check-in certifying the passenger “pose no risk of being infected by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”, issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel.
  • Passengers needs to have health insurance (in amount of US$ 100,000) that should cover all expenditures of medical treatment while travelling abroad.
  • Screenings are held for all arriving passengers
  • Passengers are recommended to download the application AOT Airport and report their state of health. Please find the app on App Store here and Google Play here.
  • Passengers are encouraged to self isolation. This means that you are allowed to go out when necessary but avoid situations/ places with crowds.

Thai Nationals returning to Thailand:

  • Passengers needs to present a health certification confirming the passenger is fit to fly.
  • Passengers needs to present a letter issued by Royal Thai Embassy, Thai Consular Office or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand certifying that the passenger is Thai national returning to Thailand.
  • Proceed to follow the recommendations of the Thai Department of Disease Controls on arrival.

Thai Airways – Rebook and cancellation

Passengers with booked flights between 12th of March 2020 – 30th of April 2020 wishing to rebook their tickets can do so free of charge, subject to availability and travel needs to be completed by 15th of December 2020. Terms and condition apply for cancellation of bookings. Please contact your travel agent or if you booked directly with THAI, contact your local THAI office.

Passenger who wants refund for the booked flight or rebook the flight on another date, you can contact the travel agent or Thai Airways office directly.

To know more details for travel restrictions due to CoronaVirus (nCoVid 19) on many countries, visit here

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