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Packing checklist to travel in the flight

No matter what the length of your trip is: be it a weekend beach getaway or a three-week mountainous trek, you surely need to pack a bag, and you’ll always want to pack it right. There’s quite a lot to consider while determining what to bring: your itinerary, the type of your trip, weather, size of your luggage and any weight limits imposed by your mode of transportation. While so many factors come into play, it’s easy to over pack or under pack, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute. To avoid the last-minute packing and make your travel less stressful and hassle-free, here is a travel packing checklist for reference.


What to pack? Travel lurks between weight, space, and convenience.

  1. Suitcase: It really depends on where exactly you’re going and for how long you’re going to travel, but carrying a good, light, and quality suitcase is much recommended. Not many destinations are a backpacker´s paradise, so a good suitcase where all your clothes and most of your toiletries can fit in is a better choice.
  2. Carry-On: Embrace the simplicity; carry-on is the way to go. Well, you really don’t need that much craps while travelling. Use carry-on bag and the good thing about it is that it’s handy, keeps you hassle free at the airport and brings about ease of transportation.
  3. Laundry Bags:Don’t miss them if you’re travelling for a longer period and don’t want your dirty and clean clothes to get mixed up.
  4. Packing Cubes:Packing Cubes are the new must-items when it comes to travelling, they are very handy and they also come in cool colours.
  5. Passport Holder: It might not sound a great requisite, but it cannot be ignored either. This bigger colourful wallet is of great essence as it holds your passport and flight tickets all in one place.


Packing is a daunting task for any type or length of the trip. One thing you certainly don’t want to forget is your toiletries! Especially if you’re travelling by air, bringing your necessary toiletries on board is a good idea. From deodorant to floss, make sure you check this twice before leaving home.

1. Travel Toiletry Bag and Travel Refill Bottles: One of the essential items to keep all your toiletries in one place is the travel toiletry bag. It has sufficient space to keep the bare minimum essentials. Also use the travel bottles to refill with your own organic products in case you’re not likely to use shampoo & conditioner provided by hotels.

  1. Sunscreen and Moisturizer: Super important for every trip! While sunscreen is important if you’re basking in the sun at a sea beach, moisturizer cannot be ignored if the climate turns cold and dry.
  2. Cosmetics: Face creams, lip balms, mascaras, make-up brushes, nail polish with remover, tissue papers, face wipes, cotton swabs, hairbrush, shampoo bottle of smaller size and hair conditioner can be kept in a separate plastic bag.
  3. Perfumes and Deodorants: Go for a refillable travel size perfume bottle. You can still cling on to your fragrances.
  4. Toothbrush and Mini Toothpaste: Something that really start up your day! You would certainly not tend to forget it. If you’re used to mouthwash or dental floss, make sure slip them in your toiletry bag.


Choosing which clothes to pack and which one to leave at home is the toughest part. Should you pack for every occasion on your trip? Or, pack the bare minimum? For most of us, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

1. Hats: A hat is more than just an accessory. Its a must-have item especially if you plan to spend some time at the beach.

  1. Sunglasses: Another must-have item to keep away from the bright sunrays. Adding to the style, sunglasses are an investment in healthy eyes.
  2. Handbags:While you must be thinking of carrying the most exotic and luxurious one for your vacation; the carry-on bag is much preferred handbag for travelling. As they are more practical and safer, you need not worry much of your valuables.
  3. Jewellery: Every girl’s treasure! Carrying light pieces of jewellery on a vacation is the best way to be safe without the fear of losing your precious valuables. You can replace bangles with bracelets as they can be easily slipped into zip-pocket bags. Wrap jewellery in tissue papers and keep in small plastic zipped bags.
  4. Casual Wear: The lightest and the super chic clothes can be part of your vacation wear. Carry T-shirts, shorts, cargos, trousers or jeans for men. Women have a vast range of casual wear to choose from tops and skirts to capris and dresses.
  5. Warm Clothes: Even if you’re travelling in the hotter months, changing weather can be full of surprises. So as a precautionary measure, pack at least 1 or 2 cardigans, pullovers or jackets. Not to forget the beanie cap, stole and a light weight blanket.
  6. Club Party Wear: Finally, depending on your visit, carry a party dress or a more elegant outfit. You might want to go to a nice restaurant for dinner or visit the bar and club that has a dress code, so better be prepared. Women can pack their maxi dress or gown while men could pack a shirt and tie for these occasions.
  7. Footwear: Most of the trips require two pairs of shoes. Let’s say you need a pair of good sneakers for walking and a pair of flats for going out. Wear the heavier pair, typically sneakers or boots. Pack the lighter pair. They must be flat and light. Think sandals, flats, boat shoes, or flip flops.

Electronic Gadgets

These can be put under Essentials because nowadays life seems impossible without them.

1 Laptop: If you’re on a business travel, you cannot help without your laptop. It not only gives the ease of checking emails anytime anywhere but it also relaxes you in case you downloaded movies from Netfix and wanted to watch your favourite shows offline.

2 Phone and iPod: Undoubtedly, phone is one of the most useful and important travel item. Also a day at the beach or pool wouldn’t be perfect without the iPod

3 Camera: All cities have great spots that need to be photographed. You can prefer to get a small one or if you’re a professional photographer, the more complex cameras can do wonders.

4 Power Charger: How long does your phone battery last? Not long? Neither does mine, so this is an essential

So now you can make a travel packing list, or just use ours.

Passport? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Moisturizer? So on! For satisfaction that you’ve got all the essentials covered, download our Travel Packing Checklist.

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