ANA Airlines – Airport Lost and Found, Delayed, Damaged Baggage 5

Inquiries for Lost and Found Items and Delayed or Damaged Baggage

The below contacts are with in Japan, Europe, USA / Canada, Asia, Oceania

Lost/ Left behind:

Lost items will be kept at the arrival airport. If you have left something behind, please contact the relevant arrival airport.
Delayed or damaged baggage:

Contact the relevant arrival airport within 7 days of collecting your baggage.

Note: In some cases articles which are discovered within the airport rather than the aircraft cabin may be kept within the airport building or the local police station. Please inquire after confirming who you should contact.






USA / Canada


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5 thoughts on “ANA Airlines – Airport Lost and Found, Delayed, Damaged Baggage

  • Charles Krishna

    my baggage even after showing the bag tag has been left behind in Png on Saturday 13 July flight to Chuuk. There are my medication in there which will cost a fortune to see another Doctor in Chuuk and get new medicine. Plus I have no clothes to wear for 1 week. I have limited budget and I can’t survive here. Please you need to give me some kinda compensation for a week cause I can’t even go to work without clothes.
    I will await you quick response before taking further actions and going public with these.

    • Editor G

      Dear Charles Krishna
      We feel very sorry for you. But please contact the official airline site, as our site is meant to provide contact details of all airlines and we are not the representatives of ANA Airlines.

  • Liza Leong

    To whom it may concern,

    I am Mrs Liza Tan, I have lost a baggage from Narita Airport back to Singapore on NH803 arrival 29/12/2019 2307. I have reported to the Police at the Airport and was asked by AIG to write to you for insurance claims by submitting the following:

    1. Property Irregularity Report

    A copy of the Police Report will be furnished to you if required.

    Could you help in this area and please let me know how I should furnish the report to AIG. Thank you

    Warm Regards,
    Mrs Liza Tan