ANA Airlines Oceania – Airport Lost and Found, Delayed, Damaged Baggage

Inquiries for Lost and Found Items and Delayed or Damaged Baggage

The below contacts are with in Oceania

Lost/ Left behind:

Lost items will be kept at the arrival airport. If you have left something behind, please contact the relevant arrival airport.
Delayed or damaged baggage:

Contact the relevant arrival airport within 7 days of collecting your baggage.

Note: In some cases articles which are discovered within the airport rather than the aircraft cabin may be kept within the airport building or the local police station. Please inquire after confirming who you should contact.
When calling from outside Australia, dial the country code [61] and the number (omit “0” when it is the first digit of the phone number).

City Lost and Found Hours of Operation Delayed or Damaged Baggage Hours of Operation
Sydney 02-9667-6352 06:30-10:30
02-8337-9252 07:00-19:00

*Calls will be charged.
*The hours of operation are shown in local time.
For other countries, please visit ANA Airlines – Airport Lost and Found, Delayed, Damaged Baggage

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