Avianca Airlines: New baggage allowance, Costs, How to get refunds, Earn Lifemiles?

Avianca Airlines - New baggage allowance, Costs, How to get refunds, Earn Lifemiles

Enjoy your travel on Avianca Airlines with New Fares on all Classes from February 1st, 2024

On which classes you can get Avianca airlines New fare offers?

  • Basic
  • Classic
  • Flex
  • Business

Baggage allowance on Basic / Classic / Flex / Business Classes

Classes Baggage Allowance  Baggage Weight Earn LifeMiles Benefits
Basic (Travel light) If you travel from and to Europe or from Brazil, your fare will be light and it includes:
Personal item 1 bag
Carry-on baggage: 1
Carry-on baggage: 10 kg  –  –
Classic 1 personal item (bag)
1 carry-on baggage
1 checked baggage
Carry-on baggage: 10 kg
Checked baggage: 23 kg
Earn 5 lifemiles per USD Check-in at airport
Economy seat
Flex 1 personal item (bag)
1 carry-on baggage
1 checked baggage
Carry-on baggage: 10 kg
Checked baggage: 23 kg
Earn 7 lifemiles per USD Check-in at airport
Plus seat (if available)
Flight changes and refunds*
Business 1 carry-on baggage + bag
2 checked bags
Carry-on baggage: 10 kg
Checked bags: 32 kg
Earn 7 lifemiles per USD Check-in at airport
Business Class seat (Flatbed)
Priority service
avianca lounges access
Flight changes and refunds*

Note: *Flight changes and refunds are allowed before departure on flex and business fares

What additional Flight charges applied on Avianca Airlines?

Basic, light, classic, XS, S and M fares

The changes are allowed prior to flight departure, but additional charges will applied. Fare difference corresponds to the price difference between the ticket you initially purchased and the new option you are choosing (applies to all fares). Differences generated by taxes applied to the regulations in force in each country.

Change fee: additional charge generated by voluntary changes made to the ticket (only for basic, light, classic, XS, S, and M fare).

Destination Price
Flights within Colombia COP 110.000
Flights within Ecuador USD 28
International Flights within South America USD 170
Other international flights* USD 200
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Note: *Applies to flights to and from Europe, North America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Flex and business fares

  • Changes are allowed before flight departure without a change fee. Fare differences and taxes are applied.

L and XXL fares

  • Changes are allowed before and after flight departure without a change fee, but fare differences and taxes may apply.

Features of Avianca Business Class Seats

  • On Business Class seat (Flatbed) on B787 aircraft: Recline of up to 180°
  • On A330 aircraft (operated by Wamos): Recline of up to 165°.

Business Class seat (Flatbed): Applies only to the business and XXL fares with all its benefits.
Plus: included and subject to availability when purchasing the flex or L fare.
Some flights have only Economy seats.

How you can get refunds on Avianca Airlines?

  • Flex, business, L and XXL fares only applied.
  • No refunds allowed after the flight on any fare, except operational events.
  • Condition applies to the value paid for the fare.
  • Taxes will be refunded in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
  • Avianca fares (basic, light, classic, XS, S, M, and L), except business and XXL, are promotional fares.
  • Additional services will be refundable if you request it together with the refund of your ticket, applies if your fare is flex, business, L or XXL.
  • Unused additional services due to airline’s fault will be refundable for all fares.
  • Contact Avianca Help Center for withdrawal, cancellation and other laws depending on the country.

What Priority Service available at Avianca?

  • The business and XXL fare includes priority check-in, priority baggage claim and priority boarding.

Lifemiles Elite Bonus

The fare price used for mileage calculation does not include taxes, fees or additional services. Elite members earn additional miles, the Elite bonus applies according to the status of each member:

Diamond 70%
Gold  50%
Silver 30%
Red Plus 10%
lifemiles 0%

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