Kenya Airways Baggage 15

Check here for Kenya Airways Hand Baggage, Checked Baggage Allowance, Excess Baggage Rates here

Kenya Airways Hand Baggage

Kenya Airways Excess Baggage Charges

Kenya Airways Checked Baggage

Kenya Airways was established in 22 January 1977 and commenced operations in 4 February 1977 which is the the flag carrier of Kenya. Kenya Airways has its head quarter in Embakasi, Nairobi, with its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

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15 thoughts on “Kenya Airways Baggage

  • bhanu dake


    i would like to hear a Genuine information about carrying ‘Samsung 50″ Led TV’

    Kenya Airways Customer care says ‘not allowed to carry’

    where as the same Kenya Airways, OR Tambo International Airport Station Manager said ‘Yes’, means i can carry the below size and weight of a TV.

    Package size(WxHxD) :W136 x H74 x D15 cm approx.

    weight: 16-18kg.

    Please answer to my Confused state.

    Thank you

  • DELACOUR Liliane

    HELLO, I have my flight for Johannesburg to Bangui (Central Africa),
    1)I have 4 luggages, is it possible to have and pay for these 2 more or only for 1?
    2) One luggage is 33 kgs : 170x61x25 and the price for this one
    3) One luggage is 170x 33×25 kgs and the price for this one
    If it’s ok, I must pay when and where for these 2 supplentary luggages, at airport or before?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Enjoy the rest of your day
    Best Regards.

  • bikoko bout oscar

    My bags have been missing since the 2nd of August 2018. I travelled by Kenya airways from Douala on the 1st August 2018, had a transit in Nairobi and a change of airlines to Air France wherein we flew to Paris. On arrival my baggage couldn’t be found till date. I made a report at that airport in Paris and I was issued a reference code and I also gave an address for the forwarding of my baggage should they be found. I’ve not even received a mail or phone call from you people. This is embarrassing. This leaves me with the impression that your services are wanting.

  • godfrey

    your workers in kampala office can not easily be contacted by telephone despite the many times you call the office lines. what other quick ways can we seek advise from kenya air ways?

  • wiza

    Hello. Am travelling back to Zambia from Nigeria on 27th on your airline. I have 3 luggages. Plz send me luggage charge list.for the first, second and 3rd luggage assuming all are with 23kg each.

  • Ahmad Hosaim

    I have some Garments to sand by air cargo service.
    i haven’t an Exparians. becouse
    help me. Hwo can i sand thise?
    Dhaka to Khrtoom Sudan?
    hwo many cost par kilogram?
    plece Reply me soon as soon.

  • Arnold MATABARO

    Hello ; I came from Bamako -Kinshasa and both bags were deliberately abandoned in Nairobi, I am too worried about this practice that is done by the company without giving the information to the customer. I should continue my trip from Kinshasa to Goma but I am in desolation and paying a fine for canceling the ticket of the other company that was already booked.

  • titus sigilai

    PLEASE SEND SOME HELP TO PAY TRAVEL TICKETS VISIT MY WIFE MY A/C 1310161908696 EQUITY 0724904953 christine dalton johnstown ferndale area senior family of fred dalton aramak altoona upmc hospital