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Ethiopian Airlines was established in 21 December 1945, commenced operations in 8 April 1946 which is the Ethiopia’s flag carrier airline and is owned by the Ethiopian country’s government. Ethiopian Airlines has its head quarter in Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Airlines serves a network of 113 passenger destinations where 19 of them are domestic and 35 freighter destinations and is the largest on the African continent.
Ethiopian Airlines Harare City Office Address:
 5 Lezard Avenue Milton Park Harare

Ethiopian Airlines City Office telephone contact numbers:
Reservations : +263 4 790705, 795215/6
+263 771 261 678 (During working hours)
Airport : +263 4 575191, +263 716 800209

Email: Reservations: [email protected]
Country Manager: [email protected]


Working hours
 Mon-Fri: 08:00-16:30
Saturday: 08:00-12:00


Ethiopian Airlines Official website:

Ethiopian Airlines Online Check-in: check-in

Check Ethiopian Airlines flight status here:

Check Ethiopian Airlines flight schedule here:

Ethiopian Airlines baggage services telephone contact numbers:
Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance

View Ethiopian Airlines Hand | Cabin baggage, Checked baggage, Excess baggage charges, over weight baggage charges, over size baggage charges, Airport Baggage rates in the above link.

Ethiopian Airlines Customer care:

Phone: +251116656666 (International Charges Apply)

Near-by Airports:

Near-by cities:

Attractions in Harare:

Types of Planes / Air craft available with Ethiopian Airlines

Total fleet: 82

  • Airbus A350-900
  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • Boeing 767-300ER
  • Boeing 777-200LR
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
  • Boeing 757-200PCF (Cargo Fleet)
  • Boeing 777F (Cargo Fleet)
Queries handled by Ethiopian Airlines airlines Customer care:
Flight Ticket Booking, Ticket Cancellation, Flight Ticket Rescheduling, Ok to Board, Visa Services, Online Check-in, Baggage Allowance, Duty Free Allowance, Flight Information, Airport Lounges, Visa Information, In-Flight Meals, Airport Transfers, Missing Luggage, Immigration Services, Valet Parking, Meet and Greet, Flight Wifi, Airport Wifi, In-Flight Entertainment, Airport Facilities, Delayed Flights, Visa on Arrival, First Class, Business Class, Economy Class, ShebaMiles

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22 thoughts on “Ethiopian Airlines City Office in Harare, Zimbabwe

  • Rufaro

    Dear Sir or Madam

    The above refers.

    I bought 3tickets with return to Frankfurt, Germany in June 2017 through Destiny Travel and Tours. This was because my family intended to have Christmas holidays in Germany.

    As a requirement by the embassy when applying for a VISA I had to buy the tickets and applied for the interview on September 23 2017 at the embassy. The interview was conducted on the 26 September 2017 and unfortunately we were declined VISAs.

    I reported to the travel company on 29 September 2017 that they should cancel the tickets because VISAs were declined and the reason for the decline was not clear and we tried our level best to make interventions with the embassy but to no avail.

    Now the Travel company only started to respond to us few days ago that we can not cancel the tickets. Below are some what’s up chats I engaged with the said Agent:

    [11/11, 12:32] Rufaro: How far with my refund?
    [11/11, 15:27] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: Hie
    [11/11, 15:28] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: That day
    Tickets are non refundable.just reusable
    [11/11, 15:35] Rufaro: I do not understand now. Our last conversation was that you said it would take a fortnight to be processed. What changed now
    [11/11, 15:36] Rufaro: We no longer intend to travel to Germany at least for the next 1 year.
    [11/11, 15:37] Rufaro: What kind of tickets that are not refundable?
    [11/11, 15:39] Rufaro: Its not that we didn’t want to use but Visas were denied using frivourious reasons which I dont see us overcoming.
    [11/11, 15:48] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: I was advising how long refunds usually take .it is when we tried to refund that the airline said no
    [11/11, 15:49] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: A lot of tickets have penalties
    [11/11, 15:59] Rufaro: And that you tell me now. I would have thought it would have been prudent to advise in time of there response. We had already done other plans.
    [11/11, 16:01] Rufaro: Penalties yes are normally levied when you cancel late. We advised to cancel more than 3 months before due date. The airline cannot suffer any prejudice. Those seats were successfully allocated
    [11/11, 17:39] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: It is not a issue to be considered illegal.every airline inongoit its . Fastjet if you do not change ur dates or u miss ur flight u ticket is forfeited
    [11/11, 17:40] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: Il check and apologies i had travelled but it was all in the email
    [11/11, 17:47] Rufaro: Your example does not apply in our situation. We were denied VISA way in time and we advised that the journey will no longer take place. Penalties are incurred usually if the airtime is not advised well in time. Naturally it is impractical that a client is not allowed to cancel.
    [11/11, 18:58] Kudzayi Mundangepfupfu: Ok.So here is what the airline will say .You were not meant to have bought the tickets without visas.I think our best bet is to try visas again
    [11/11, 20:10] Rufaro: You can not apply Visa without tickets. Its a prerequisite to have return ticket.
    [11/11, 20:12] Rufaro: Anyway where is this coming from I thought you said you will send me what the airline said. And here you are second guessing answers.
    [11/13, 09:54] Rufaro: Please forward me the email. [email protected]

    Please I plead with you to kindly assist me in this matter. Thank you

    Kind regards

    +27 618633175

      • Sigrid Irene Lyche

        Hi, I need to change my ticket from Harare, witch is on friday 3.4.20 I need a flight back ASAP, cause. Of emergenzy. I have already payd a flexible ticket. Please come back to me on how to go about this Quick.
        Sigrid Irene Lyche

  • Kudzaishe Chimbari

    i would like to commend great customer service and a high level of professionalism from a Ms Ngangira of the Ethiopian Airlines Lezard Office in Harare. I had a small glitch to be resolved with my booking and she spent an entire day helping me resolve it, even beyond her working hours. She stayed in an hour late assisting with my booking. I would highly recommend booking via Ethiopian Airlines offices in Harare. Great staff,great service. Sincerely – Happy Customer Mr Kudzaishe Chimbari 🙂

  • Sandra Taziwa

    I lost a gift bag on flight et605 from Beijing to Addis and made all efforts to recover however was not assisted to get the bag when l was still at Addis airport and now for recovery you expect me to pay $22. O fond this as robbery and seems that it was deliberate on not assisting me. Disappointed

  • Kennedy Mubaiwa

    ticket no. 0715188316695C2

    This flight ET 616 has been delayed by 3 hrs and as such my daughter will miss the connection to China Southern Airlines from guangzhou to jinzhou 0900hrs flight CZ3493

    I am told that you are refusing to assist when this is your fault that this connection was missed, why will you not assist please. this is a 1st time traveler and knows no one in China

  • Rodriech Mada Marozhe

    I am trying to effect a preflight check via your presented mobile and land line phones. No response
    flight 0873
    16 january2018
    e ticket 071-7224564973

    Frequent Flyer # 10003495530
    Please note I have also sent an email missive to the same effect on the given countrymgr and HRECT emails.
    Do assist with an emergency aisle seat, I have problems related to height , on both the flights hre-addis then addis to Dubai
    Rodriech Marozhe
    +263774827641[ whatsapp]

  • Annastacia. Muringai

    I flew on Ethiopian airlines from Chicago ORD to Addis on the January 6th and my luggage was mislabeled. I am still missing my luggage. I need it forwarded to Zimbabwe ASAP please. I only have a few days in Zimbabwe. Ticket number 0717273486826 carrier flight ET 511 ET873 the tag 839983 please have some body contact me it’s urgent. I have called and emailed several people from Ethiopian airlines and nobody is replying.

  • R Ngaru

    I travelled in November and my luggage was damaged.I put up a complain and was promised that they are going to replace the bags but up to this date ihave not received anything.My clothes are heaped in someone else’s house since i could not carry them to Chinhoyi the damaged bags i left them with theAirline.Iam senior citizen who is being stressed out by this issue. The amount offered can no longer buy the bags now.r

  • Dorothy Masango

    I would like to express great disappointment in your service when I had travelled to Zimbabwe on an emergency when a loved one was critically ill nearing death. Firstly I was happy I got a ticket with Ethiopian Airlines within less than 24hours that I was travelling. However, when I got there I could not return on the date I had planned due to the situation on the ground. I changed my ticket date. When it came to paying somehow my bank was resisting payment as it had put a restriction on my card thinking it had been stolen because I used it when I was at the airport was before. Now Ethiopian airlines, how dare you, refuse to take payment from my relatives, friends or anyone I consented to pay on my behalf. Fair enough you can say it is for security reasons because of the name. But your staff informed my aunt that she should only go to London Heathrow to pay for my penalty. My aunt left her children, also dropped church and rushed to the airport, only for your staff to decline this way of payment, she was there in person and still rejected her payment. This is so frustrating. I felt vulnerable, and very stressed. I had to start begging for USD in a country like Zimbabwe, where the economy is using paper/useless money. You need to find a way to not make life difficult for your customers.

  • Cecil Dzambo

    Am failing to get through your Harare telephone numbers .l want to go to London on 28 January 2020 and come back on the 17 of May 2020 one adult economy class how much is it

  • Luckmore Ndaruza

    Good day
    My Name is Luckmore Ndaruza; I am inquiring on Behalf of My sister in Law and her daughter of five years of Kenyan origin. Is there any available flight from Harare to Nairobi Kenya? How much will it cost for one way? when is the available flight if applicable.

    Luckmore Ndaruza

  • Brent

    All the cellphone numbers here are out of service? The number at the airport is also not being answered after calling it constantly for 30 minutes now??

  • Arnold

    Good evening.
    I have an inquiry to make.i have a relative who recently travelled from South Africa to Zimbabwe and had a connected flight to Dubai from Zimbabwe.
    Now she was told not to board the plane on the day she was supposed to because of Covid restrictions.
    Does she get her ticket after the two weeks period.If so,How ?And when can she travel after the two week quarantine period.Thank you

  • Maranatha Matarirano

    My ticket Is said to have overtime in Turkey and they are saying i should take visa or the other option for me is to change flight and from the Turkish Airlines system I can get 3pm flight and 8pm flight today so if its possible can you change my flight ticket from Ercan cyprus to Turkey Istanbul.