Which countries require travel insurance for the flight travel?

Travel Insurance on Flight

List of countries which require travel insurance to travel in the airplane

Those who intend to visit one of the following nations must make sure they have travel insurance or a travel medical insurance plan that offers the necessary coverage there. Travel insurance always advised before visiting any foreign country, even though it may not be required for travelers in other nations.

If you experience a medical emergency, damaged or lost luggage, passport loss, evacuation, hotel cancellations, missed or delayed flights, or other significant occurrences while travelling, it may be helpful to have a travel policy. If you have adequate travel insurance coverage, you can help cover the costs of these occurrences and get emergency assistance around-the-clock.

Before visiting their embassy for visa approval, you must get a travel insurance policy for more than 34 countries.


All visitors to Anguilla must request authorization before travelling there. A pre-registration form, proof of insurance that covers COVID-19 medical costs, including full hospitalization, doctor visits, medicines, and air ambulance, and a COVID-19 PCR test within 3 to 5 days of travel that yields negative findings are all requirements for travellers. All Visitors are required to spend at least 10 days in quarantine at their authorised site before being tested. A negative outcome is required in order to be released from quarantine.


Malaysia entirely encircles Brunei, which is located in Asia. Make sure you have health insurance if your travels bring you here. All visitors to Brunei are required to show documentation of health insurance coverage for COVID-19-related expenses.


A traveler’s large investment in their trip could be threatened by the various travel factors that make Antarctica such a distinctive place. For this reason, in addition to the real requirements for admission into the country, travel insurance is seen to be necessary. Depending on a traveler’s schedule and the tour operator they are travelling with, different medical coverage may be required.


Argentina mandates the purchase of travel insurance. Travelers must provide proof of COVID-19 medical travel insurance, which covers hospitalisation, quarantine, and transportation, in order to enter Argentina. Both tourists who are immunised and those who are not are affected by this.


All inbound travellers to the Bahamas must have travel health insurance. The price of the Travel Health Visa, which all visitors must get prior to entrance, includes the cost of the essential insurance. Travelers should be aware that this minimum coverage may be limited, therefore we advise buying extra insurance to cover costs not related to health, such delays in transportation or lost luggage, for example.


All visitors to Belize must have travel insurance as of February 15, 2022. All tourists are required to apply for and purchase Belize Travel Health Insurance from the Belizean government.


Both visitors and locals must apply for a COVID-19 Travel Authorization 1-3 days before to departure in order to enter Bermuda. Proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test must be provided in order to acquire the authorization. Bermuda prohibits entry without a valid travel permission. A travel permission submitted less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure date won’t be accepted.


Evidence of a health insurance plan that covers COVID-19 and related medical conditions while the traveller is in Chile. The traveler’s stay-related COVID-19 costs must be covered by their health insurance.


Both the US and the Cuban governments closely monitor and limit travel to Cuba. Travelers must provide the appropriate papers with their visa application to the US authorities. Before entering the country, visitors must tell the Cuban government of their travel intentions, submit information regarding their visa, and show proof of travel insurance with medical coverage.


Before leaving, visitors visiting Curacao must fill out a digital immigration card and a Passenger Locator Card. Visitors are required to carry a printed copy of the Passenger Location Card at all times. These cards must be obtained with sufficient medical and additional expense insurance.


While it is not necessary to purchase travel or medical insurance in order to visit Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands require coverage.


While it is not required for all tourists to Egypt to get travel insurance, it is for some and is always advised. According to the Egyptian Tourism Minister, regulations were put in place in June 2020 requiring travellers travelling in Egypt to present a travel medical insurance coverage to Egyptian airport officials as part of efforts to stop the coronavirus from spreading. This travel insurance was necessary to pay for medical care because of COVID-19 and a negative test result that was obtained less than 72 hours before departure.


All visitors to Fiji are obliged to have travel medical insurance with coverage that covers COVID-19 associated medical costs (with the exception of valid permit holders who submit a supporting letter from sponsor/employer to bear all COVID related fees, including isolation).

French Polynesia

Some unvaccinated travellers must purchase travel insurance. Be sure to check the most recent information and requirements before leaving because this requirement is subject to change.


Travelers to Indonesia are required to have health insurance with coverage for COVID treatment and hospitalization.


Visitors visiting Iran who want to get a visa must have travel insurance.


International travelers must show proof of COVID-19-eligible health insurance upon arrival into Israel. Additionally, a signed quarantine statement might be needed. Learn more about travel to Israel and general insurance information.


The “Jamaica Cares” programme, which mandates travel insurance for all visitors, has been adopted in Jamaica.It addresses a number of particular issues, such as medical care for COVID-19. The traveler’s personal trip insurance is in addition to this charge.


To enter Jordan, all foreign travellers are required to obtain travel health insurance.


Laos now demands visitors to carry travel medical insurance that covers coverage for a minimum of $50,000 after initially opened its borders to American tourists in 2022.


All travelers to Nepal must now have travel medical insurance, according the country’s government. Both emergency help and COVID-19 medical repatriation must be covered by this insurance.


All passengers must present proof of travel medical insurance from May 23, 2022, in order to enter Oman. Travelers could occasionally be asked to provide documentation of COVID-19 immunization with a vaccine that has Sultanate approval. At least 14 days must pass after receiving the second dose of the vaccine before travelling to Oman.


All foreign visitors to Panama must have trip insurance that covers COVID-19 for the whole duration of their stay.


Unvaccinated travellers must have travel insurance from a “reputable insurance carrier” that pays for COVID-19 treatment costs. For the duration of their stay in the nation, the plan must offer a minimum level of coverage of $35,000 USD, according to the rules. Travelers who have received their shots are not required.


To enter Russia, people from outside the country must apply for a visa. According to the Embassy of the Russian Federation, throughout this application procedure, the Consular Division of the Embassy retains the authority to demand “medical insurance valid in the country to be visited and fully covering the length of the first trip.”


According to Rwandan legislation, everybody entering the country must have health insurance. Visitors who try to enter the nation without it might be obliged to buy a health insurance coverage when they get there.

Saint martin

While Sint Maarten (the Dutch portion of the island), which includes Saint Martin, does require insurance, tourists should be informed of this requirement and how it may affect their trip plans before travelling to this area.

Saudi Arabia

All visitors to the Kingdom must have health insurance that covers the expense of COVID-19 infection treatment.

Schengen Countries

Before obtaining a travel visa, certain nations known as the Schengen Countries may have strict guidelines on the types of insurance their embassies would accept. You might be asked to provide proof of the following insurance if you’re going to any of the 26 locations listed below: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, and Estonia.


All international visitors to the Seychelles must have comprehensive medical insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage for the duration of their trip.


All visitors to Singapore must have travel insurance with coverage for COVID-19-related medical care and hospitalisation as of January31, 2021. The bare minimum of coverage is $30,000 All travellers entering Singapore provide evidence of this insurance in order to admitted.


No of if they have had their vaccinations, all foreign travellers to Sri Lanka must have appropriate COVID-19 insurance as of April 25, 2022. Prior to arrival, this required coverage must obtained directly from Sri Lanka’s government website.


Visitors to Thailand must first check with their regional Thai embassy or consulate to see if they permitted to travel there. The eligibility list is still updated. Those that qualify must acquire a Certificate of Entry (CoE). Obtaining a COVID-19 travel insurance policy that expressly specifies the traveller has coverage for medical care in the event they contract COVID-19 is one of the requirements for this certificate.


Before they’re allowed to enter the country, all travellers to Turkey must acquire medical travel insurance. The sole criterion that the insurance must cover the entire trip; there’s no set sum that must paid.


All visitors to Ukraine must have health insurance that includes coverage for COVID-19-related care. The policy must be “provided by insurance businesses registered in Ukraine or foreign companies with a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual agreement with a partner insurance company in Ukraine and be valid for the period of stay in Ukraine,” according to the government.

United Arab Emirates

Depending on how long they stay there, the United Arab Emirates may require visitors to carry current travel insurance.


According to the Ministry of Culture, Sport, and Tourism, as of March 15, 2022, travellers must have medical or travel insurance with minimum coverage of $10,000 covering COVID-19 therapy in Vietnam.


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